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Fanfold Paper
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x270 Battery 2 plugged in not charging

Hi everyone,


I have a very annoying problem with my x270: when plugged in, only one of the batteries charges.


I've tried the power cycle, running on one battery then the other, removing & re-installing the Microsoft drivers, all the suggestions from the other posts on the forum but nothing works.


A friend of mine suggested booting into Ubuntu from a USB drive, and what do you know - both batteries are charging fine, which would point to the problem being with a driver/Windows 10 x64 v1067.


Does anyone have any suggestions?



Punch Card
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Re: x270 Battery 2 plugged in not charging

I have an intermittent problem with an X240 and Battery 1 not charging/not found!  I suspect it's related to your problem, but in my case, it happens sometimes (usually when I could make use of that battery, of course) but not all the time.

Lenovo Employee Jan_Lenovo
Lenovo Employee
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Re: x270 Battery 2 plugged in not charging

Dear naks, Welcome to Lenovo forum, battery charge has sequence for windows mode, do you mean your internal battery or external battery will not charge even if always keep adapter plugged in? thank you

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