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x270 bezel gap -> snapped clips. What to do?

I just noticed that there is a significant gap at the back of my Lenovo x270 i7, at the back. There are five tiny clips on the bezel palmrest which should clip onto the bottom section of the machine. Problem is, the middle three clips appear to have snapped off completely, leaving the gap.


I have tried searching for this to see if it is a common problem with the x270. I might be missing the right search terms, but I found this disassembly video where the same gap is apparent (and not mentioned at all!).


What should I do? My machine is in warranty, but it says in the small print that that might not cover "Plastic parts [...] that have been cracked or broken by excessive force"... Also, I bought the machine very recently from a second hand store in the UK - CEX - which might mean my Lenovo Warranty is invalid? I could return it to CEX, but they do not have any more of this machine in stock, and I really like it :-)


I could buy a bezel myself (about £30) and install it, but this would mean a full disassemble+reassemble (eeek), and the problem might return.


Any advice or links to similar problems/solutions would be appreciated.

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Re: x270 bezel gap -> snapped clips. What to do?

This should not be a disassembly. Removing the bezel should be similar to the following video and it is possible without removal of the display assembly.


I broke a clip while snapping the bezel back one night. I saved the clip, noticed a gap. About two weeks later, went out to get a tube of super glue and glued the broken clip back to the bezel. I was prepared to buy another bezel from as a backup.

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