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Paper Tape
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x390 SSD in WWAN slot

Does the x390 support a 2nd ssd in the wwan slot? If so, what protocal and form factor?

Paper Tape
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Re: x390 SSD in WWAN slot

Unfortunatly I don't believe so. I'm in the same boat with my X1Y4. No mention on the X390 or X1 Yoga 4.


If you look at other spec sheets for other models such as the T480 it mentions support for SSD/NVMe in the WWAN slot.





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Re: x390 SSD in WWAN slot

it says it right in the psref, check again. it mentions an m.2 2242 SSD. There isn't a mounting peg setup that can accommodate multiple sizes of ssds in the primary slot (the ssd sits too low to allow for this I suspect. As far as I can tell, this is somewhat standard (thankfully). Regardless of my position, if you wanna check just pull your primary SSD out of its slot and check for an adjustable mounting peg. If there's not option to adjust for a 2242 ssd, it's pretty safe to say they were inferring that that SSD of a conspicuous same length as the M.2 2242 WWAN card must be used in that very slot.
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Community SeniorMod
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Re: x390 SSD in WWAN slot


X390 SSD Bracket.PNG

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