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Paper Tape
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x60 standby under WinXP not working

I have x60 Thinkpad and its reinstalled new.
I installed also all Thinkpad drivers with UpdateManager.

When I close the lid of the Thinkpad it goes into Standby but when I open the lid and switch it on again just the battery status leds turn on, it seems that the HDD is also runing on but the display stays black. Also the Standby status LED keeps on green so I am not sure what happens Smiley Indifferent. In that case I just can switch off the notebook and boot it new.

Is there a hint about that topic?

kind regards
Paper Tape
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Re: x60 standby under WinXP not working

Yes!  That's exactly what is happening to me, Martin - and the reason I came to this board. 
Have you found out what was causing it, or how to fix it?  Does anyone else have information that can help?  I've lost documents, lost track of open email windows and suffered other annoying problems because of this, and I need to fix it.  The uncertainty has gotten so bad that I'm afraid to go into Standby mode at all!
I'd greatly appreciate any help.  Thanks,
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Re: x60 standby under WinXP not working

what happens when you select standby from the shutdown menu..?
will it go to sleep and wake up when you open the lid or when you tap the Fn key..?
also, have either of you checked your power manager settings..?
and, could either of you have an open app that prevents going into standby..?
lots of question marks here and if i think on this some more i might find another question or two..  Smiley Happy

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Re: x60 standby under WinXP not working

I'm having the same issue with an X-60.
Have talked to tech support, updated video drivers, uninstalled & reinstalled power mgmt & power mgmt drivers.
Tried standby from xp logoff screen, lcd goes black and stays black without closing lid.
What power settings are you suggesting be checked?
Solution ASAP would be appreciated as this is an executive's laptop, not mine.
What's DOS?
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Re: x60 standby under WinXP not working

As a further, when I disable the wireless networking, I am able to go into standby & resume fine.
Is there a driver update for wireless card?
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Retired Moderator
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Re: x60 standby under WinXP not working

If you already have installed the the ACPI power management driver and also enabled ACPI under the power management proprieties and checked settings further etc., then there might be some other hardware driver conflicting problem. Take a look at the Lenovo website if there are probably some newer drivers for some of the installed components (like the WLAN-card).

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What's DOS?
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Re: x60 standby under WinXP not working

I too have been through the ringer on this and have had just about everything you can think of replaced but nothing has worked.  I have the X60 with XP Pro and the issue as far as I can tell is in the ThinkVantage management of the wireless devices.  I have had the following symptoms due almost entirely to updating the ThinkVantage software: 

1.  Won't go to sleep/hibernate unless the hardware switch for all radio's is off.  Laptop will go to sleep within a couple seconds and resume fine as long as this happens.  This is apparently a known issue in Lenovo tech support for laptops that have a Sierra WAN card integrated as well as a LAN card.  There is know know fix for this other than shutting the wireless off before sleep or hibernate. 

2.  Display just goes blank or flickers then goes blank.  Only solution here is to shut off radio, go to sleep mode, then when re-emerging from sleep, poof...the display works again.  Other option I suppose would be a hard shut down by holding the power key in. 

3.  Fingerpring reader malfunctioning.  Every so often I get a notice when I swipe to log in that says that I don't have any fingerprints enrolled so I need to enter the password.  When I do the Ctrl/Alt/Del to get to the password screen and enter it, it won't allow me to log in...only option here is to restart.  It actually got so bad that it wouldn't let me back in after I did the most recent Security Solutions update that I had to go to safe mode and do a system restore, but when I did, the files were so corrupted, the computer just said I had to reformat the drive.  I had to back up everything (the one thing in the ThinkVantage tool box that seemed to work - oh, except for the fact that it put the 15G of data on a HIDDEN partition on my back up drive!!!!), the reformat the drive and took it back to the factory shipped state. 

I actually discovered these issues were related to the ThinkVantage/XP interaction through many, many calls to Lenovo support.  The common denominator for ALL of these problems is the ThinkVantage updates and how they are interacting with Windows driver files.  I have a couple co-workers who have the same laptops but with Vista and they don't have any of the issues described above.  Vista works...Who woulda thunk that???  :smileysurprised

Lenovo is no help, they just want to charge you $99 to tell you they can't fix their problem so don't waste your money.  My suggestion is to spend that $99 on an upgrade to Vista as much as I hate to say it...that is what I'm going to do next unless anyone else has figured this out. 

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