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x61 - fan error or not?


I get a "fan error" message on starting the laptop.  I am able to continue the startup by pressing the "Esc" key.


I can log in and everything seems fine, the keyboard doesnt seem too hot either. After a while I can hear the fan run and feel the air blow out of the vent on the side of the laptop.


Does this mean that the fan is ok, are there more than one fans one of which doesnt work?


Can anyone suggest whats going on here?



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Re: x61 - fan error or not?

If your X61 has been used for long time and never clean the fan, then normally it is becuase the machine's fan has too much dust , and it causes the fan's spead cannot reach the requirement of the ThinkPad's needs , so it will display "fan error". If you know how to DIY, then just open that and clean it, I once got same problem to my T60, after I cleaned it, everything goes well again, and the fan sounds more quite.  Here is a website that may help you if you want to clean  by yourself. PS: once you want to clean it by yourself then you might need some oil for the fans axle after cleaned, if you don't have particualr oil no problem, just use Qtip (I guess you have)with a little bit cooking oil and wet the axle. it works! and perform well )


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Re: x61 - fan error or not?



For DIY take first a look here:

--> FRU Removal/replacement --> Heat sink fan


Hop this helps




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