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Helix keyboard stopped working or fan error when docked


I got an early shipment of the Helix this week and this evening the keyboard dock appears to have died.
If I start the device as a tablet and then dock the screen goes off and the keyboard does not activate (green light on fn key).  Sometimes when this happens I get a fan error message.

helix fan error.jpg






Lenovo has released a firmware update to resolve this problem.  Please download and install this update from the Lenovo support site.  Once applied, this symptom should not re-occur.  Lenovo also recommends updating the Helix BIOS to version 1.14 or later.


This firmware update should resolve any of the following symptoms:



  1. The system fails to boot to the operating system while attached to the Helix keyboard base.
  2. A fan error is reported while booting.
  3. The keyboard on the attached base does not operate correctly.
  4. The TouchPad or TrackPoint does not operate correctly.


Prior to the firmware update release, a temporary remedy was to reset the keyboard dock using a paper clip to press the reset switch found on the rear of the dock.


helix reset pin.jpg


The switch is the small pin-hole on the back of the keyboard dock next to the mini Display Port connection. The tablet should  be disconnected from the keyboard dock as well as the power and any peripherals when performing the reset.



Please see also this new article on updating the USB hub firmware for Helix Keyboard Dock

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sebonline On 2014-02-02, 16:29 PM

Same problem... with latest firmaware / bios updates !

I just experienced the exact same problem on my helix i just received few days ago. I tried to fix it as you recommended, but Bios and firmware installed on my machine are already the latest...

The only working solution is to use the dock reset, as mentionned above.

Any advice ?


Kala12 On 2014-02-13, 22:52 PM

There must be a major problem for Lenovo which they are not addressing.   I have only had my Helix for 2 days and have applied latest software / bios / operating system updates.   It is now also reporting this Keyboard dock fan error message.


Cannot believe that this expensive laptop should fail so soon - quality control appears to be non-existent.


Looking for advice and if none forthcoming from Lenovo on this forum will be returning my Helix.

bothide On 2014-03-03, 23:55 PM

Me too!


I have had this very annoying keyboard dock fan errors on and off since day one (autumn 2013).  And now, aftre the latest BIOS update. it reappears again!  I urge Lenovo to fix this bug once and for all.  And also, while they are at it, also to fix the bug that requires hardware reset if the battery in the keyboard dock gets discharged below a few percent!



helio2k On 2014-09-04, 18:53 PM
Hi, We had the same issue replaced the Dock Fan Updated to the latest bios/MPU firmware and nothing even the reset button on the back will not work I am simply thinking that the replacement fan is DOA. Any Ideas? Cheers.
NateS On 2014-11-04, 11:31 AM
richdebate On 2014-12-26, 15:48 PM
The download didn't work for me, but the paper clip worked again.
Garfaz On 2015-04-08, 9:24 AM

Our company is employing Mac Gyver each time it happen to build a paper clip with some things cause we are running out of paper clip now and since 6 month...... ITS A SHAME !!!

lilioci On 2016-02-10, 10:03 AM

the firmware update doesn't work for me, since I'm using windows 10 :(

is there a firmware update for windows 10 yet?

ilhano On 2016-09-07, 10:07 AM

I'm on windows 10 and this firmware update doesn't work for me either :/

When can we expect a new firmware update for windows 10 or is that not in the planning?

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