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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-29, 14:46 PM

Ditto, I know people are working to fix this problem, and its probably not the only one they have been tasked with fixing. 


I just wanted to add another voice to the discussion in the hope of speeding things up. This type of product  caters to my (very specific) needs, and unfortunatly is only produced by a handful of manufacturers, so I really want it to work propperly, and be successful.    


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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-29, 15:08 PM

I must say i can't stay Quiet anymore.

We must make our voice heard louder !


LENOVO - Give us the needed fix !



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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-29, 22:46 PM

I too have been following this page for months and wanted to throw my hat in the ring.  It's unprofessional for a tablet for professionals to have problems using scroll bars, menus, etc. at the edges.


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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-30, 0:40 AM
Lenovo is known for making quality products. I bought and returned both the Fujitsu t901, and the newest HP tablet (can't remember it's designation of the top of my head). I returned both those tablet because I owned a X200t and Lenovo's build quality is far superior (in my opinion) to Fujitsu and HP. I then bought the X220t, knowing about the edge sensitivity issue.

The machine is way better than the offerings from both Fujitsu and HP (again in my opinion). But, the edge sensitivity is there. It's annoying to be sure, but what I find more annoying is the feeling that Lenovo is lying to it's customers. We have been told there is a fix but there is a small delay due to a need for a proper delivery mechanism for the fix. And then...silence. And it's that silence which makes me think Lenovo isn't being entirely honest with us.

I'm also wondering how the company is getting away with continuing to sell a device they know is faulty. I'm deeply disappointed with Lenovo throuh all of this. Still, I do love my Lenovo tablet pc's and will keep on using my X220t (while my wife uses the X200t)

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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-30, 2:11 AM

Hey jtpeace,


Was there anything besides the build quality that you didn't like about the Fujitsu tablet?


I've never owned any tablet pcs since I bought the lenovo x220t. However, Lenovo's reputation of building great quality machines impressed me and I chose the x220t as my first laptop for college. This digitizer problem and the response to it has really dissappointed me. I'm unwilling to return the product because of the restocking fee and the hassle of rescustomizing a new laptop for my needs. I've been strongly considering Fujitsu if I were to get another tablet in a few years.


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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-31, 18:55 PM

Hello Together:


It's coming up on the five month mark for this topic, and I've been following it weekly for almost two months.


I've owned ThinkPads beginning with the 600E, then on to 600X, T30, T40, T60, then the X41Tablet, X61Tablet, X201 Tablet, and now a X220Tablet.  For family and friends, I've purchased several R40's, R50's, R60's, and recently three Edge 420's.


The digitizing pen/stylus accuracy on the new X220T is the lowest quality of any of the tablet series, and is a bit more than just a nuisance.  In practical terms, it causes irritation every time I get to the 1/2" margin on OneNote.  I don't like that, and I didn't have that issue with the other XT's.


There should be an escalation path within the Lenovo structure that allows long-running issues to be floated up to get attention.  While my posting here is NOT to complain about the Lenovo staff that are writing and contributing to the readers in this forum, I do want to add my voice to those that are thoroughly disappointed with the lack of speed in addressing this. 


As a long-time customer of IBM and then Lenovo's ThinkPad line, my concerns should hold a bit of weight.  Lenovo is causing permanent damage to its reputation with this.  Since 2002, I never doubted from where my next notebook computer would be sourced -- but I'm positive that Lenovo, in the next purchase within a couple of months, and for a decade later, will have to face competition.


Worse that the immediate loss in revenue that Lenovo is taking with this, you're jeopardizing future sales, too.  The delays just don't make sense -- someone at Lenovo needs to jump on this and push a solution through.  Or it signals to all of us that they don't care.



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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-31, 23:13 PM

Greetings and salutations, all. Benedict Howard here.


I have recently come upon some money of considerable magnitude and I am looking to invest in the tablet PC architecture. Now, the X220T is one of the devices I am considering. However, it appears to me that there is a certain conundrum involving pen input.


Just how dysfunctional are we talking about here, boys? I understand that sometimes the pixels get tangled up in the net, but is this product really unusable in its current state? Let's be honest. She's already got the booty of a rhinoceros, so things better work slick and slim under the hood.


Why is Lenovo still selling a device that gets the pixels all mashed up like taters? When I write my name, I don't want the lines jumping all over willynilly like nobody's business. I want my Hancock to look as prim and proper as when I write it with my own spit and feather.


I eagerly await your replies.


Thanks and best of fortunes,

Benedict ("Ben") Howard, M.D.-X


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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-10-31, 23:42 PM

Hi BH,


How severe is the problem? Just have a gander at the following links:

Also, just have a look at the size of this forum thread and the one on TabletPCReview: http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/lenovo-ibm/41601-x220t-pen-input-screen-edge-sensitivity.html. That's a dead giveaway that this isn't just a one-off issue but something that is affecting a significant proportion of users.


If you agree with my thoughts on the problem outlined at http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/Does-anyone-have-x220t-pen-working-properly-on-edges/m-p/550215#M13553 and http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/Does-anyone-have-x220t-pen-working-properly-on-edges/m-p/551315#M13566, then the only solution to this issue will be a recall and a physical modification of all existing X220t's. That's a very very expensive solution and if the company can get away with ignoring the issue, especially since not many people buy Windows tablets, then all the better for them. So far, Lenovo have tried to pull the wool over our eyes with some nonsense about a firmware fix they are working on and apparently seem to be struggling for 2 weeks trying to make an installer package for it...


The various other build quality issues that this laptop suffers, such as the screen ghosting, backlight bleed and protruding bezel (that have all been reported on this and other forums, and experienced by myself personally) don't really bode well for the robustness of the laptop and my advice to you would be to forget about the X220t completely and get the HP 2470p or the Fujitsu-Siemens T901.




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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-11-01, 0:47 AM
Really? Still not fixed?

I got my Samsung Series 7 Slate (had it for about a week now), and just did a line drawing test:
Samsung Slate's pen accuracy/precision is also not perfect either, but much better, at least I don't have to complain about it.

And compare that with Lenovo X220T:

It's really a shame on Lenovo.

Samsung's slate has a weak low voltage sandy bridge i5 processor, but it's incredibly thin and light. The battery lasts long too. I went with Samsung because I don't need all the processing power and a physical keyboard all times. Weighing in at just 2 lb, Samsung Slate is perfect for note taking in Onenote.


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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

2011-11-01, 3:11 AM

It seems the general consensus here has been that Lenovo is leading us on with the promised fix. I already returned mine, due to the limited return policy. Glad I did, it seems I would have had to settle for this overpriced etch-a-sketch otherwise. Like @hp79, I think I'll go with a Samsung Series 7 Slate. It's underpowered in comparison, but his line demo proves that they got that right at least. The X220T was the first, and now the last Lenovo product I will ever buy. To those that chose to stick it out, better luck next time.

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