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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2014-01-30, 16:27 PM

I had access to another helix today which gave me an opportunity to try the keyboard dock from that computer with my helix. The computer booted up without any problem (tried multiple times). After this I tried with my keyboard dock again and it still had the same issues as I've described earlier.



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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2014-08-23, 21:25 PM

your a real star, i had this problem, followed your advice and it worked

thanks a lot


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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2014-11-09, 3:49 AM

You are a genius!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have been trying to resolve this issue ALL DAY!!

Called customer support, followed their directions, did not work.


As a last resort, came to this forum and followed your instructions, cannot believe how easy it was to fix.

Very grateful to you.



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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2014-12-08, 21:29 PM

The re-set of the keyboard (on the back of the dock) solved the issue for me, not clear what caused the dock error, but it worked just great! thanks a lot!


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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2014-12-22, 20:09 PM

When I try to run the firmware patch I get "This tool and EC Firmware mismatch, or communication error is happened."  Erg, this is getting very frustrating.



ADMIN EDIT - Lenovo has released a firmware update to resolve this issue.  Please download and install this update from our support site.


We are preserving this post as the solution and appreciate TSA's early feedback and providing the work around using the reset button.   Please see Nine's update with lenovo's release on 6/6/2013 here in the thread.




Hi Folks,


I've posted the solution that worked for us (http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-Tablet-ThinkPad-Laptops/Helix-keyboard-stopped-working/td-p/1112949/page/2) which I'll repost here:


I've had the same issue with the tablet screen showing the "Keyboard Dock Fan error. Press Esc to continue." message. I found that using a paper clip (not sure if Lenovo can suggest another tool(?)) on the keyboard dock reset switch solved the issue. 


The switch is the small pin-hole on the back of the keyboard dock next to the mini Display Port connection. I had the tablet disconnected from the keyboard dock as well as the power and any peripherals when I performed the reset. 


I'd like to know if this resolves the issue for you as well.


Thanks and good luck! 



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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2015-01-03, 17:02 PM



I just got my Helix (not helix 2)


My keyboard dock does this about 19 out of 20 times.  Every once in a while it will boot wihout the error. 


I have done everything. all bois, firmwares, and drivers are the newest lenovo released. 


The paper clip reset button does nothing.  actually it seems like if I go straight in to the reset hole there is nothing there. I have to slightly angle up to hit where I can feel some spring back. 


The strange thing is besides the error my keyboard works perfectly. no issues. i just get the fan error upon boot.  It is annoying to have to escape each time to boot. Not only this I am unable to get into the bois settings because this error. It will not let me in. 


I am thinking my keyboard is defective right out of the box. 


Also is it normal for the fans in the dock to go full on the entie time it is docked.  I would expect at some point the fans would spin down but this is not the case


Also another strange thing.  when I tilt my screen all the way back in the keyboard dock my screen changes colors and will flicker if it is a little before all the way back.  I am really thinking that either my dock or my dock connector on the tablet is flaky. 


any input would be greatly appretiated. 






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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2015-04-08, 9:17 AM

Community GuidelinesPrivate MessagingENDEESPTRUUACZ-SKTRMoto
Requests for individual support are not answered. If a post solves your issue, please mark it.

I am not a Lenovo employee


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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2017-04-03, 14:37 PM

Thank you!!!  I was getting desperate :-)


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Re: Helix Keyboard Docking Issue

2017-09-07, 14:57 PM

Pushing the small hole helped me too!

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