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Helix: give up hope or get a replacement?

2013-06-05, 18:29 PM

I'm looking for a bit of advice from Helix owners. I bought this computer to be a serious business tool. I need it to work consistently and without glitches. I started out enthusiastic, but now I'm completely disappointed. Did I get a lemon, or is the design and execution of the entire line a disaster? In other words, should I just give up and get something else (hopefully being able to get my money back... ha), or should I try to get a replacement from Lenovo?


Annoying problems I can live with include the power button (hard to press); End/Insert key switcheroo (default status is opposite to what key label suggests); the stylus shutting off the digitizer when it's stored (meaning I can't use another stylus if the Lenovo one is in place); and the poor calibration (even with the new Wacom driver). I've found work-arounds for all of these problems (but that in itself is annoying).


What's pushed me over the edge is two huge issues: (1) the constant locking up of the touch screen when I'm using OneNote to take notes; I thought I had a fix for that based on a clean install and using the Wacom drivers, but that didn't last. (2) the inability to power an external SSD reliably. These seem to be unfixable problems, and they're deal-breakers. I'm not using this thing in settings where re-booting every few minutes is an option!


So what do you think folks? Do I have the worst luck, or are these problems that lots of people are having (meaning there are deeper design issues)? I've read every Helix-related post in the forums and I know that there are at least some people who have most of my problems -- but are we the only ones?



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Re: Helix: give up hope or get a replacement?

2014-01-26, 2:50 AM


I've had issues using OneNote too. I think there is a work around. If you start OneNote with the stylus in the holder, and you scroll with your thumb and then touch the stylus to the screen and then suddenly your thumb starts scribbling, and this happens consistantly everytime, your Helix itself is probably fine. The work around is to start OneNote with the stylus out of the holder. If you do that, you shouldn't have any problems.


If the thumb scribbling doesn't happen consistantly every time you start OneNote with the stylus in the holder (sometimes you can start OneNote with the stylus in the holder, and everything appears to be fine, but then messes up after some extended notetaking), then odds are you need the motherboard/digital screen replaced (I originally had inconsistant issues, but after having the screen/board replaced I'm in the first category, and the the work around described above works consistantly).


Also, I'm now using windows 8 instead of windows 8.1. When I had the inconsistant issues I was using Windows 8.1.


Bottom line, OneNote and Helix are incompatible, but it should work fine, as long as you start it with the stylus removed. If it doesn't its probably a hardware issue.


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