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Help, please! Verizon LTE 4G USB vs GOBI 2000 3G

2011-01-06, 4:26 AM

I am poised to purchase an X201 any minute now...but I need some info before I do...


I am currently using a Verizon Wireless USB "air card" (VZAccess) for my mobile/anytime/everywhere internet connection.  I was going to upgrade my device to the new LTE 4G card and extend my plan for another 2 years for wireless through Verizon.  However, I am just now learning about GOBI - I was NOT going to include that option in my new ThinkPad, but now I'm wondering if I should.  I would LOVE not having to mess with that card sticking out of the USB port all the time, so the GOBI option sounds appealing.


My question is this:  the only GOBI option is 2000 3G.  So what is actually the better option - and what are the advantages...Verizon 4G USB modem with 4G monthly service plan (now actually cheaper than previous 3G plan), or the integrated GOBI 3G.  If I am completely confused about the whole 3G/4G thing, will some please explain?  I am of the mind that 4G is better, that the plan is better, but the actual card is a nuisance...that GOBI would be more convenient, but then is an older, almost outdated technology... ??


Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you.




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Re: Help, please! Verizon LTE 4G USB vs GOBI 2000 3G

2011-01-06, 13:13 PM

Hello mate,


First you have to know what the cariers call 4G is not really 4G. LTE is really a pre 4G.

The Gobi 2000 support HSDPA+ who is 3.5G. HSDPA+ is the most commun connection for the moment. LTE is faster but the network just start to be deployed means there is a lot of black spots. In theses blackspots you will connect in HSDPA+.

I think you will have at least 2 years before the LTE network will be deployed.

Normally the real 4G will be finalized soon. The race is beetween WIMAX 2 and LTE Advanced. Normally LTE Advanced should be compatible with LTE but really nobody knows.

For my point of view, for the moment, it's a bit risky to change everything to gain a bit of speed. This thing remembers me the war beetween HDDVD and BluRay. And at the end people who bought HDDVD have now a useless thing you can't use anymore.


For my usage the Gobi 2000 is perfect because is just a second connection when i'm away. The speed is far enough to browse the net and check the mail. Even for download is not too bad but anyway in Australia cost so much money for a plan with a couple of Gigs, I try to don't download too much.


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