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Honolulu, HI University of Hawaii School of Law

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THINKPAD TABLET PC X41 1869 Circuit Board Burned Out?

2008-04-12, 1:46 AM

Dear Think-PAd Community;
I have a nearly Brand New Tablet PC that I used very sparingly for 9 months at law school.
I love my thinkpad and thought the world of it.
Then a few weeks ago I started using it almost daily, replacing my sony desktop PC.
Though I never left it booted-on overnight, or even "on" for more than the few hours at a time that it was in use,I woke up recently, after completely shutting it down the night before, to find that it would not do anything in the morning. The little green lights work/are on, but it fails to have any response to booting up. I have tried plugging and u
but I swear it is nplugging it, removong the battery, and every other combination. But it seems that it is either hybernating by itself and not waking up, or burned out and not responding.
This is the first and only time I have ever had any problem with it, let a lone this type of problem.
Anybody out there have any suggestions or similar experience???
please contact if you have any advice what so ever to share. Of course It is now over a year old,but I swear that it is in practically brand new condition and must have not much more than 200 hours on it.
I am worried it is Burned out some how. Please Help if you have any ideas.
Thank You In Advance,

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One Big Blue Planet

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Re: THINKPAD TABLET PC X41 1869 Circuit Board Burned Out?

2008-05-17, 12:49 PM
Dear x41 Tablet friend,
Almost the same thing happened to me a couple of months ago with a 1869. At first I noticed some strange behavior, for example, I left the laptop on while it was being upgraded by a patch or making a backup and after some time, when I went back I saw the laptop completly shutdown.  I tried to search for the Hibernation/Standby parameters but couldn't find any issue there.
Then it got worse as I noticed that it did it while I was using it.  It simply went off and wouldn't turn on.  In some cases, after some hours it would turn on but not for long.  In my case when I plugged the powercord and tried to turn on the pc, the LAN connector lights (the amber and green one) turned on and nothing more.  No sound, no bleep, nothing!
I tried many forums but nothing could help. 
So I finally decided to see if my warranty was still in effect (which you could also verify on the Lenovo Support website) and it informed me that I had some months left.  I requested support by the web and in no time (during late at night) a Lenovo support representative called me and did a rundown of the system.  He informed me that he would send a box for delivery which arrived in a couple of days.  It was big and very padded and I sent the laptop away by a pre-paid DHL service form that they also sent me.
In two days it came back completely fixed.  Absolutely free!!
So I suggest you do the same!  I am a very satisfied customer.
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