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Webcam image sideways when using flipped external monitor

2011-08-10, 13:37 PM



for better reading of  pdf files I rotated my external widescreen monitor (connected via dock DVI).


With the Windows 7 screen settings I can readjust the image rotation. So the monitor is rotated 90° (or 270°) and the resolution is now 1080x1920.


Now the issue occurs, that the webcam images are also rotated by 90° (or 270°). And since the driver (and thus Communication Manager) does not provide an option to rotate the images, I cannot use the camera appropiately.



The problem is only present, when the flipped external monitor is the only active monitor.

As soon as I enable the internal LCD, the camera image is fine. 

So this seems to be a clear driver issue. Isn't it? 


Are other people experiencing the same issues or is there an easy solution for this?


Thanks in advance.




Windows 7 Professional (x64)

Advanced Minidock

External Monitor connected with Dock DVI 

Internal Webcam with Driver ver1.1.0.1147


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Betreff: Webcam image sideways when using flipped external monitor

2011-08-17, 15:33 PM

Does nobody else encounter this problem?

Then, if someone can clearly deny this behaviour, I could be sure that it is just a configuration issue.


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Betreff: Webcam image sideways when using flipped external monitor

2012-07-26, 11:35 AM

I've got exactly the same problem.

I connect an external monitor that extends my desktop, I turn it to portrait orientation and I make it the default desktop. The internal webcam image is then rotated by 90 degrees. It doesn't matter onto which monitor I move the camera window. The program I use is irrelevant either (Skype, Cisco Communicator, etc.).

The problem does not occur if the external monitor is not the main desktop or if it's in landscape orientation.


Does anybody know how to fix this?

Currently I disconnect the external monitor to have the camera image in proper orientation. I could as well make the laptop screen the main desktop, but that's even more annoying, because I work mainly in front the external monitor.


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Re: Webcam image sideways when using flipped external monitor

2017-06-06, 21:18 PM

It's 2017 now and the issue is still there.

In my case it's even more annoying. My webcam is integrated into my ThinkPad (W540) laptop screen, so to use the cam, I have to have the screen open, so in that case the screen is turned on and set as main screen. It's set to normal orientation (landscape). Even then, the camera image is rotated, as my external screens are set to portrait orientation. Maybe my case is worse because my laptop has 2 GPUs, the integrated Intel one and nVidia Quadro and maybe the camera driver incorrectly reads screen orientation from the first screen connected to the nVidia GPU (all those are external and rotated), instead the first screen connected to the Intel GPU (which would be the built-in one, with the cam).


The driver would definitely benefit from exposing the setting allowing the user to switch off the feature which is responsible for guessing, if the camera image should be rotated. I never rotate my laptop screen, (with the camera built in), so the feature is useless for me and only causes a PITA.



My technical details:

PC: Lenovo ThinkPad W540 (20BH-S0620P)

OS: Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise (64-bit)

Cam. driver: SunplusIT v.

GPUs: Intel HD Graphics 4600 (driver v., nVidia Quadro K1100M (driver v.

Dock: ThinkPad Ultra Dock

External screens: 3 x Lenovo ThinkVision LT2452p Wide (60A6-MAR2-WW): 2 over DisplayPort in the dock (to DisplayPort in the screens), 1 over Thunderbolt in laptop (to DisplayPort in the screen), all in portrait orientation

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