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Re: What do you use your tablet for?

2007-12-11, 14:44 PM
First of all - hello all around! First post and whatnot...

I own a X61 Tablet with SXGA+ Screen, and while it does have it's deficiencies (like the becel-separation), I couldn't live without it anymore. Part of the reason I went with the tablet was the screen resolution - go figure.

That said I don't use the tablet functionality as often as I could, partly because of the becel-issue. After that is fixed I guess I'll really start using it. So far I've played around with it and use the pen and slate-mode mainly for internet-browsing, reading papers (finals start in January, so lots of that to do) and stuff like that.

There is one use that proved to be the killer app and actually was the second reason why I went with a tablet. Im a semi-professional (and even that sounds too big) DJ and use Traktor Studio - the pen-input added a whole new layer of intuitivity for input, song-selecting, cross-fading, looping and what not.
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Re: What do you use your tablet for?

2007-12-15, 13:42 PM
I use my tablet PC when dealing with clients primarily. My business sells surveillance cameras and Point of Sale systems. I can navigate the surveillance software with my finger or show off our Point of Sale software the same as a restaurant's staff would use it.....through touch screen! I haven't started using it to sign contracts, but plan to do it in the future.
Additionally, I use OneNote 2007, click through e-mails in Outlook, and navigate through network monitoring tools. Many of the applications I use aren't tablet PC specific, so I'm simply replacing mouse functions with finger/pen actions.
If I may digress for a moment...
I have grown to prefer using my finger, digitalizer pen, or a stylus over a mouse. I currently use a Windows Mobile PDA and an iPhone in conjunction with my tablet PC, so I'm growing accustomed to using a touch screen as my primary navigation method. Now, if I could only get efficient at entering text via the Tablet PC touch screen I would be able to stay in tablet mode the majority of the time. It's hard to out perform typing in any other input method. /sigh
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Re: What do you use your tablet for?

2008-05-21, 20:35 PM
I bought my first tablet recently, when I decided to go back to school.  I took a few courses earlier and tried taking notes - mostly math formulas - with a regular laptop.  It was pretty futile.  I find that I don't use the tablet features as much as I expected.  Most likely, this is because I can type faster than I can write, and I can dictate faster still.  (The dictation software that came with the x61 works very well). 
I've found that I like using the pen because it feels more social.  It's less disruptive and feels more social in a lecture or meeting setting. Also, my schoolwork comes to me in giant binders of cases and readings.  I just scan them all into OneNote and put the binders away.  When reading and annotating a document, I enjoy using the tablet mode. 
One little tool I've found that adds to the usability in pen mode is something called InkSeine from microsoft research.  The application itself is just a demonstration of a few technologies.  What's really interesting is a little standalone executable contained within inkseine that lets you scroll documents by drawing circles with the pen.  It is a semi-transparent application that sits overtop of others and only occupies about a dime's worth of screen real estate. 
Another cool thing about this little application is it essentially enables pen flicks to be used on screens that are accepting normal pen input.  Within OneNote, for example, pen flicks don't normally work, because the computer can't really determine whether a motion is meant to be a gesture or ink.  So, this little dime-shaped application provides a little island where gestures can be made within OneNote.
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