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Where are my extra battery hours?

2008-07-15, 10:10 AM
i have a x60t with vista ultimate sp1, 120@5.4K hitachi drive, 3GB@667Mhz ram, 8cell battery, sxvga+ screen and all the msft and lenovo updates and i get only 4h wifi minimum usage (some mozilla surfing, some email writing, briteness = lowest, wifi = on, power scheme = power saver).

whats going on?

i've read reviews about 6 and 7 hours of battery!

is there a problem with my tablet, battery of is this normal?

thank you

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Re: Where are my extra battery hours?

2008-07-15, 12:39 PM

Sounds similar to mine, of course we know that many estimates of battery life are inflated compared to typical use.   There are probably some things you can do to extend the battery life, beyond the power saving mode.   Further dimming the screen as an example.  


If battery life is really important to you, consider the extended battery that fits on the bottom of the tablet.  The added advantage is that it slightly tilts your tablet screen towards you when attached to the bottom. 

Full disclosure: Not a Lenovo employee, just someone with a X61 running Win XP SP2

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Re: Where are my extra battery hours?

2008-07-15, 16:21 PM

No tablet with IPS LCD will ever get that type (7-8 hours) of mileage, I don't care what the testers said. I'd estimate the battery life that you're reporting on the lower side of typical...


Get rid of Vista and gain at least an hour right there...


My $0.02...



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Re: Where are my extra battery hours?

2008-07-16, 2:47 AM
The 6 to 7 hours is usually without wifi using the battery stretch abilities of the machine.  My X61T gets 5 hours without wifi taking notes in onenote with medium low brightness.  X60T does not have the little extra power savings of the santa rosa platform that the x61T has.  Your battery could maybe go a little longer but it really depends on how you use your machine.
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Re: Where are My extra battery hours?

2008-07-18, 4:24 AM

Well Batt. Timings depends on so many factors. Like how many processes are running at backend, LCD brightness, Wifi signal strength, any USB and so on.


I got My Tablet x61 on 09 July 2008. On the first use, the maximum batt timing I was getting on a full charge was like 3:20 mins. I was like what is this?


Now its My 10th cycle of the batt. Today was My final exam, which went for 3 hours. I came to class and stared working My brightness was on half n a +, wifi on and a outlook, OneNote, Yahoo and MSN Mesng.. My batt gave me 5:49 mins. I thought that it would be gud if I work on full brightness. So, I worked for three hours and still it was 37%. and the time came was like 1:50 min.currently My Tablet is running around 98 processes. and My specs are 1.8 GHz  C2D, 3GB, 160 @ 72 RPM. and WinXPTablet 2005. Except all Standard.


If you want the best timings out of it then use it like a tablet, read something or take some notes, normal brightness on 4,5  bars, wifi =on and it will give you around 6:30 + mins. and can be stretched further.


you are using Vista on which processor? that will also matter a lot.


I'm satisfied with My batt. im sure that I may not reach up to 8 hours, butt its far better than My previous one, where I use to get less than 2 hours.



 Happy Mobility :)




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