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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-01, 11:53 AM


I would prefer to introduce touch input buttons.

It is really convenient.

They should add something!
Wheel or touch. But there must be something.

I think the touch buttons are a bad idea. I have an HP TC4400 and i know exactly what's wrong with those:


1. You can never be sure whether you have pressed them or not because you can't feel it. Sometimes i would press "rotate screen" and nothing would happen. I press it again a few more times, the OS starts endlessly cycling through screen rotations and i have to reset the machine. 

2. To press them you need to use the pen - there is no point in travelling all the way to that area when you can have on-screen buttons that do the same job.

3. You can't hold down those touch buttons - many graphics programs require you to hold down a **bleep**, or ctrl key along with a mouse click to do a function.


Real buttons are the only way, and the wheel provides 4 of them in a  very small space. Fujitsu tablets offer a great selection of buttons, why can't Lenovo?



About the speakers - an alternative idea is to place them on the top. It will sound much better and it will save space for the buttons on the bottom.


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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-06, 0:55 AM

I love my X61t: I use it for lectures (projecting in a big screen while I write), annotating documents,  and research (running linux  for physics calculations) and it's awesome. I am NOT buying the X230t because of the following reasons:

1. The resolition 1366x768 is laughable! Anything smaller than 1280x1024 is simply unacceptable. For tablets it makes sense to have a 4:3 ratio more than 16:9! Otherwise in portrait mode there is simply no real state to rest your palm and write! We buy these tablets to write notes not to watch movies, although there is nothing wrong with watching a movie in a 4:3 display.

2. I read a lot of comments about the cheap/flimsy look of the 6 cell battery and how if tilted a bit more than 90 degrees (the usual working arrangement) the lower right corner lifts up. The comments about lemons and bad quality assurance are very worrying for this high-end laptop and a brand we've come to admire.

3. The stylus accuracy and usability close to the edges.


I will buy a fujitsu or dell if these issues are not addressed in the next lenovo tablet. I love my X61t but the above issues are deal breakers for me.


OK, now to the wish list:

1. Resolution: 1600x900 or similar.

2. Quality components, care of design, like you used to do!

3. Improved stylus accuracy even in the corners.

4. Give the option for a matte display if you want to upgrade to glossy glass.

5. Heat control: make sure the base never becomes uncomfortably hot.

6. Need to have a caps-lock+wifi status lights! Come on! 

7. Keep the SD card reader.

8. At least 3 USB ports.

9. Better speakers/sound

10. Keep the webcam

11. No need for a wifi switch or fingerprint reader.


The other options like VGA/thunderbolt/HDMI are less important to me.

A thinner/lighter laptop would be better, but I am ok with not having an optical drive and also with the 12.5 inches. Don't need more (as long as the resolution is reasonable!).



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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-06, 1:42 AM

not true

16:10 is ideal a place on a virtual keyboard and normal hd movie.

4:3 nobody uses. There's even a problem with the www site.


ad 1

"Resolution: 1600x900 or similar."


1080P + space for the virtual keyboard (16:10) is optimal

1920×1200 (1920×1080 12'5)


But it will probably be expensive to produce. I suggested it for an additional charge. 


Unfortunately, it is difficult for low-cost option for 16:10
1280 × 800 (1366 x 768 in 12,5') we have is cheap
1440 × 900 no visible changes 
1600 × 1024 increase in price by 20 - 30%
1680 × 1050 more expensive than 1920 × 1200 (or 1920×1080 12,5 )




"Quality components, care of design, like you used to do!"

I would like to but not real.
Laptops are manufactured for 4 years max.



"Improved stylus accuracy even in the corners."

It is described in forum  how to make even one thousand points.

And then it works perfectly.
Digitizer is the same as fujitsu or toshiba.


But the problem is the lack of drivers and support


ad 4

"Give the option for a matte display if you want to upgrade to glossy glass."

But Lenovo is matte.

Only version with the gorilla glass is shiny and has to be like that.

B ecauseGorilla glas is shiny.



"Heat control: make sure the base never becomes uncomfortably hot."

Since x200 does not even hear the fan so what are you talking about?

X60 may have a problem but I have not heard about it.




"Keep the SD card reader."

All models have.



"At least 3 USB ports."

All from x200 have


"The other options like VGA/thunderbolt/HDMI are less important to me."


But they are important to others.
The minimum is a full display port and adapter a to DVI or dsub.


"Don't need more (as long as the resolution is reasonable!)."

Changing to 13 inches would not be at all bad.


4:3 12 inches was really big.
16:10 is much smaller.


Personally, I would prefer  change to 13 inches.

This tablet may increase only 1.5 centimeters.

Comfort working in tablet mode would be much larger.



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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-14, 6:09 AM

Things I want to see on the X240T... 


Trivial/Aesthetic Preferences: 

-- Resolution: 1440x900 (back to 16x10. the more square resolutions are better for having hand/tablet workspace*)

-- Profile. Thin it out a bit. We don't need to see X1 carbon levels of thin (though that would certainly be nice), but lets at least get to 2.5 cm or less of height.**

-- more customizable bezel buttons for tablet mode.


*As a side note, more square dimensions have more efficient footprint to diagonal ratios. You will get more interior space for the same thickness to cram in components if you go back to 16x10 or even 4x3.


**Not critical, obviously, but honestly, at this point we have the technology to start trimming them down a bit. Mobility has always been a selling point on the X series line. Ideally, for an 'on the road companion', i want a magic clipboard, not a magic brick. 


Tech Specs:

-- Current Gen i Cores, up to 8 gb ram

-- thunderbolt, hdmi, vga, 3x usb 3.0, Ethernet. Discrete microphone and headphone jacks 

-- Windows 8 Pro

-- Multitouch 

-- Larger trackpad with discrete lower buttons (not under touch portion)

-- 2048 levels of Pressure Sensitivity



Design and market a 'plug and play' (read: idiotproof) thunderbolt external graphics card or external graphics card dock (or even build a gpu into an ultrabase style dock?). Honestly, this would be an incredible item for any thunderbolt equipped laptop. Think switchable gpus, but more versatile, more upgradeable, and when not in use, more mobile, and more power efficient. 

An elegant external gpu solution would make heavy, overpriced gaming laptops completely unnecessary and irrelevant. while also making ultraportables and such much more plausible and robust as primary computing devices. 


Other Thoughts

-- Increase Wacom Penabled branding in marketing.

-- Notice or value artists/designers/creative professionals in thinkpad (not just ideapad) marketing. CREATIVES CAN BE TECH SAVVY PROFESSIONALS TOO. 


It bothers me how little it seems tech companies value or advertise the presence (or importance) of the active digitizing stylus when they put it in their products. Tech reviewers are equally culpable for trivializing them as mere accessories.


The fact that professional artists can use your products in their line of work does not make it any less business or tech friendly. It speaks to the impressive multifunctionality of your platform and the quality and precision of the input system. Don't miss out on those bragging rights. 


Wacom as a company sells more expensive products that are strictly less useful/multipurpose than all in one penabled tablet pcs (case in point the Cintiq 12" is a penabled 12 inch monitor by itself for ~$1000. Penabled technology is a very highly desired feature). Despite this, Wacom is easily the dominant force in the graphics tablet/digital art technology market simply because artists have never heard of Lenovo, and Lenovo (or any other PC maker) doesn't care to market to them.


In the same vein, it really bothers me that Apple is singled out as artist/creative friendly despite the fact that they have never and will never incorporate this incredibly useful hardware feature into their products.




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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-14, 17:35 PM

The X230 Tablet is the last ThinkPad X-Series Tablet (as some source say), so there will never be a X240 Tablet. The sucessors of the X Tablet-Series are the ThinkPad Twist (lower end) and ThinkPad Helix (high end).


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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-29, 15:58 PM

Will the Helix retains the ExpressCard slot...? How about Thunderbolt...? Still have a 2.5" and 2 mini-PCIe slots so one can utilize a HDD+SSD setup...?


From the few photos available on the Net, it also has only the HDMI port and no DisplayPort and VGA ports. The RJ45 port is probably going away too...?


The photoed stylus also looks like the N-Trig stylus from the original ThinkPad Tablet, instead of the Wacom models traditionally used in the X-series Tablet line. WIth that a matte screen option is out of question too...?




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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-11-30, 14:27 PM

My wishlist is going to be for the x290 or x320 because I'm not upgrading anytime soon...


Smaller, Lighter, bigger screen resolution, smaller but very strong batteries, etc.  New range of CPU/Ram for it's time, etc..  I prefer the keyboard in the x220 to that of the x230.


Wish the function modifier key by default worked with all keys on the keyboard and was highly customizable.  Hope they fix that janky problem with the joystick pointer where it starts moving around on it's own until you give it a few seconds to calm down, that seems ridiculous considering it's not much different than a gamepad controller joystick on PS2 or Nintendo and those things don't tend to have such problems....  Stop repackaging drivers that other companies make for you and in the process making them crappier...  Add a second button the pen (while your at it, just offer an upgraded pen model for all existing tablets, I'll buy one, you'll make a few bucks on selling new accessories to existing customers that otherwise aren't in line for product upgrades for a while....)  Drivers already support the extra pen button...  Other than that not too much, USB 3.0 I guess, and add Compact Flash as one of the built in media card ports, that's the one I use, don't use any of the others, so it's sort of awkward.  Throw in a longer parts warranty, 1 year is a bit low if we are buying direct from Lenovo, I think you can stomach including 2 or 3 year by default and making 5 year an extended sold separate add-on.  Make sure included software is as non-bloated as possible, your pretty good on this already but not perfect.


Also convertible style like x220 plus option to detach from keyboard when don't want to carry keyboard is an interesting consideration if it doesn't add to size weight by too much.  Overall I like the design of that one system that got leaked pictures recently, looks really cool, but prefer the old style keyboard for looks and in practice.


#1. request.  Continue supporting your older product lines as well or better than you are now, that specifically is going to be the deciding factor on whether my next machine is a Lenovo or not.  I'm glad to see a company succeed and release a new version of it's products frequently but understand that I cannot afford to buy a new laptop every year or even two or three years, and there is no need.  So your continued support is what keeps me your customer in 4 years or so when I am scheduled for an upgrade.


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Betreff: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-12-01, 0:20 AM

Processor: i5 or i7

RAM: at least 4 GB DDR3

HDD: 320 or 500 GB + mSATA Option for 128/256 GB SSD

Graphic: Intel 4000 or better

Dimension: not too thin else it will be extremely hot like ultrabook, but it should be lighter, no more than 2 kgs with 6 cell battery and less noisy

Screen: 1600x900 OR it actually should be HD 1080p

Optional standard things like Bluetooth, Webcam, Fingerprint, 3G

Larger battery 8h+ with symmetrical design (not like those in X220/X230 and X220tX230t)


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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-12-01, 0:30 AM

Good luck on having anyone from Lenovo besides the mods looking at a wishlist, or even anything in this forum.

Lenovo doesn't care what people wish. It's all about the money.

Now, I need to find the "Unsubscribe" thingy to stop receiving these stupid alerts...


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Re: Wish lists for the x240t?

2012-12-30, 11:33 AM

Does no one else miss the NavDial from the X60t? That was great for flipping through PDFs in tablet mode. Would love to see it return, perhaps as an option to replace the fingerprint reader if space is scarce.


(edit - I see NavDial was mentioned on page 4 as the "Navigation Circle")


Personally, I would love a huge screen, the bigger the better and would pay a premium. But this is likely a niche-of-a-niche market.


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