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2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error

Help!  My computer was fine when I left work; I shut it down to put it in hibernate mode when I left, as always - when I try to turn it on now I simply see:



2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error


Press <ESC> to continue"


Why would it stop recognizing my hard drive, and how do I fix this?


I have a tablet, X61, running Vista, 2G RAM, not sure what else you might need to know.


Thank you!


lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: 2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error

go to hitachi hdd website, and download a copy of the hdd fitness test, it will do a surface scan to see whether it is software corruption or drive sector corruption. If it is the latter, then you would need to get a new hdd or claim a new hdd from warranty if you are still within warranty. 


I hope you backed up the files on the hdd. If you need to download the hdd information, you will need to get an external usb caddy, and plug into your desktop or another laptop and download it that way. Provided that there is no password of anysort. 


Jin Li

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Re: 2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error

When you press the ESC key does it boot successfully at all?

Intermittently ?


Have you reseated it yet, reseating is what the web site suggests and although dislodging hard drives don't happen frequently, ...tablets are carried more frequently than other laptops so are the must susceptible to a jostled drive connection.


If the disk is properly seated but the error persists, and if "MD" stands for Maryland and if the system is near the coast,  it doesn't hurt to scrub the connectors of any tarnish which is the beginning stage of corrosion. A pencil eraser and older fashioned orange/pink eraser found on old fashioned wood pencils can effectively buff off the surfaces of the drives SATA connectors and this is an overlooked technique that could save tons of cell phone batteries and other hi mA devices every year especially those near salt water coasts.


A Dremel can be overkill if left to unskilled hands since PC connectors are often thin and a buffing whell at 12,000+ RPM can literally buff it to incineration, only use this method if you're adept at using polishing tools and that is unlikely in your case since a skilled Dremel user would already be aware of electrical contact corrosion.


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