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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎08-14-2012
Location: slovakia
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Accepted Solution

3435-2GG or 3435-2NG

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Hi all


I am totally new here and totally confused I spend most of the day searching but still no answer

can someone please confirm that these two model types belong to convertible x230 tablets? Is the first four digits mean that it is x230 tablet and the last three digits are the difference between them?


can someone please confirm if they convertible tablets which one is multitouch / outdoor


Part number: N1Z2GMC
Model type: 3435-2GG




Part number:N1Z2NMC

Model type: 3435-2NG


thank you all in advance


Punch Card
Posts: 13
Registered: ‎06-02-2012
Location: Victoria, BC

Re: 3435-2GG or 3435-2NG

They are both definitely convertible tablets. The one ending with part # NMC has the outdoor screen.

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