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44++ Battery - is this genuine?

I have just purchased a replacement battery for my X220 as the current 44++ battery was down to around 50% of its original charge.  However I have read quite a few posts mentioning that there are a large number of fakes out there so I just wanted to run this past the experts to see if my battery is indeed genuine or a crafty counterfeit.


Mine came in a Lenovo branded box and to my eyes looks genuine.


The only thing that concerns me (and lead to this research) was the fact it states "Use of another battery may present a fire or exportion".  However reading other threads this actually may be a genuine typo.


Photos available at:!AvPybbu3LYv0kkBstGx2ShsHOOqE


Thanks in advance!



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Re: 44++ Battery - is this genuine?

It sure looks like the real thing to me.   


There are batteries out there that some sellers claim are real Lenovo batteries, but when you get them they are not in official Lenovo packaging like yours was, and the battteries themselves are obvious knock offs with no Lenovo logos or part numbers etc.   Your battery looks legit.




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Re: 44++ Battery - is this genuine?

It looks real, but I would be concerned about the manufacture date in 2013.  New batteries do not improve sitting on the shelf for 6 years.  My guess is that a company bought machines when they were new, along with consumable, spare parts.  They cleaned out the old machines and found the batteries.  I have had mixed luck with old, never charged batteries.  Sometimes they are fine, after taking a long time for their initial charge.  Sometimes they are junk.


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