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Punch Card
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Registered: ‎02-05-2008
Location: Toronto
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Addtional RAM?

Seems like Vista is a memory hog, I only have 1GB of memory on my X61T, looking to add more memory.
Question is, do I need to add lenovo specific memory? or can I just use any regular DDR2 PC5300 memory?
Also, I currently a single DIMM of 1GB, can I add a 2GB DIMM to end up with 3GB in total? or do I need to have both DIMM of equal size?
thanks guys,
Retired Moderator
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Re: Addtional RAM?

You don't need to add Lenovo own specific memory, as far as the memory is compatible with the X61T. Basically all well known memory vendors (Corsair, Kingston, Apacer, Hynix, Patriot ...and so on...) should have the one or other compatible SO-DIMM memory modul among their product portofolio. Many of those memory vendors do have and publish notebook compatibility lists for their memory moduls, so you should check if the specific memory modul of your choice is claimed to be compatible.

Actual modern notebook chipsets and BIOS versions usually support and allow to mix different memory modul capacities among the memory slots, but for sureness you should better look what other X61T users are reporting here, e.g. if this works fine without trouble or performance losses (keyword: dual-channel memory) for other X61T users.

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Re: Addtional RAM?

Mixing and matching shouldn't cause any problems, seeing as when customizing your x61t on the website the option of 3GB of RAM leaves you with a 1GB stick in one module and a 2GB stick in the other
Paper Tape
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Re: Addtional RAM?

I would upgrade to 3GB, it really helps. Vista is such a memory hog.