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Anyone own the tablet sleeve made by Lenovo?

This one sold by Lenovo?    There aren't any reviews on the Lenovo store yet  but I was hoping someone here could comment on it. 

Punch Card
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Re: Anyone own the tablet sleeve made by Lenovo?

I had a similar sleeve for my X61 Tablet and didn't like it.  It fits well and if you are going to use your X220 in tablet mode exclusively then it might be something you’d like. I didn't like the feel over the actual laptop or the screen protector film it places over the screen.  I also found I use my tablet in laptop mode as much as tablet mode so the sleeve was an annoyance 50% of the time having to remove and store it while in laptop mode.


Over all if you use your X220 almost exclusively in tablet mode then this is a well-designed sleeve and is recommended but the less you use it in tablet mode the less I would recommend the sleeve.


Once again this was the sleeve for the X61 Tablet but they look very similar so I don’t expect much change in design.  Hope this helps.


Punch Card
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Re: Anyone own the tablet sleeve made by Lenovo?

I have the Lenovo sleeve for the X220T.


NeuroKnight's sentiments also apply for this version:


It's a convenient lightweight sleeve, custom fit & designed to use while in tablet mode.  It fits with the 8 battery also.


To access the keyboard, you'll have to take it out of the sleeve.  It's um, slightly inconvenient to put the laptop into and out of the sleeve, because of all the velcro.  Frankly, I don't use it, since I don't use the laptop in tablet mode all the time.

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