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BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

I use my X200 tablet as my primary work computer (I run my own business but I am NOT an IT guy).  I've had my X200 for a year now and love it.  The last few days I ran into an annoying problem where the tablet would take several minutes to boot up while the Win7 screen would tell me not to shut off my PC because updates were being configured, with 0% progress until the computer finally just gave up and started regularly.  This was really annoying because it happened twice when I was trying to load up a presentation in front of an audience, and I had to dance around and waste everyone's time while the computer waited for Windows to do its thing.  I think it took so long because I didn't have have an internet connection and it couldn't configure the updates.  In hindsight, I think I should've simply turned off Automatic Updates.


So yesterday I decided to log in as Admin and use the Thinkvantage utility to see if I was missing some important software.  Only one critical item turned up - a recommended BIOS update that would fix a no-boot problem if I ever let the battery drain completely (never had that problem).  So I clicked the link, was directed to Lenovo's website, and downloaded the appropriate 32-bit BIOS update installer for my system, and began the BIOS update process, knowing full well that one should never turn off a computer while the BIOS is being re-written.  It was partially through the update when I made the mistake of clicking back on the Thinkvantage window to read something.  At that point the BIOS installer hung, and I was afraid I was in trouble.  I was unable to get the BIOS installer to work again after several attempts, so I finally shut the computer down.  Again, in hindsight, there's a couple of important files I should have backed up before I turned the computer off.  I keep to a semi-regular backup schedule for the important work files I have in one folder, but there are a couple other important files that I've been meaning to relocate to that folder and for which I now don't have a backup.  I'll take the blame for the lack of a thorough backup plan, but Lenovo's BIOS installer gets the blame for the death of my tablet, as it won't boot now or even get to the BIOS screen.


So after a phone discussion with a less-than-impressive Lenovo employee in Atlanta, I'm waiting for a box so I can ship this thing out for a depot repair.  I just fot the email from Lenovo and got concerned when I read the part that said "As part of the repair process, your operating system may need to be reloaded. Please make sure 
you backup all your data prior to sending the laptop with the hard drive to our repair facility. You can decline the re-image of your operating system by indicating that on the "EasyServ Product Repair Information".


So here's my question: Will the repair depot need to reload my OS?  I don't think so because it's pretty clear to me that the BIOS is the problem, and I suspect they have a method of repairing the BIOS without reloading the OS.  Also, can I just buy another hard drive and do this myself?  I hate to lose my computer for 7-10 days, and I'd really hate to lose those few files I should have backed up.


As an FYI, I ran out and bought a $525 Toshiba Satellite laptop to get me through until my X200 tablet is returned.  What a piece of crap!  The keyboard is horrible, both in layout, in tactile feel, and in appearance.  There are no hardware volume controls.  It's unbearably slow (I have an SSD in my X200 and will never go without one again).  It's big.  It's heavy.  It's hot.  It's noisy.  It just reeks of low-quality junk.  I can return it within 14 days and I plan to do so.  I paid a LOT of money for my x200 tablet and it was worth every cent.

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Re: BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

sorry to hear about your troubles.   a quick trip to the depot will get your tablet back up and running.


remove your HDD before sending in your system.   the HDD isn't needed for a BIOS repair and very well may be wiped clean and re-imaged if sent with it.


below are instructions to remove the drive.






(edit: typo)

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Re: BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet


For the slow boot into windows, you may want to check out this tips: Taking 10 minutes to boot up after updating BIOS with old Intel Management Engine firmware - Thin....

The tips mentioned that it was caused by the Intel Management Engine firmware version 4.0.8 build 1139.

You may get the updated firmware from here.




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Re: BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

"As an FYI, I ran out and bought a $525 Toshiba Satellite laptop to get me through until my X200 tablet is returned."


You can get X201 tablet in excellent shape (grade A refurbished) for around that price!

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Re: BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

You better be kidding. An X201 tablet for around $500? LOL
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Re: BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

Sorry, meant X200 Tablet.

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Re: BIOS update fail = dead X200 tablet

Had the same problem with my X200 Tablet, I was able to get the crisis recovery process to start, but it would not complete. I contacted Lenovo, they wanted too much to repair.


I ended up sending it to for the repair, it was $99 + ship. They repaired it pretty quick.


Good luck!

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