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Battery Drain for X1 Tablet

So I noticed some issues related to X1 Tablet with keyboard cover. When the connected standby is entered by closing the cover, it seems the keyboard doesn't enter standby correctly and significantly drains the battery. This can be avoided by using the power button instead. However, sometimes the power button doesn't work (it doesn't dim the tablet even being pushed multiple times), and the battery drain occasionly happens when this happens (shown as USB xHCI drain in the sleepstudy report)


Another bug is related to the wireless adapter. If windows 10 is set to keep the internet connection during the standby, there will be severe battery drain, showing nohwdrips.c3 drain, or occasionally nohwdrips.c2 drain in the SystemSoC column. This can be resolved by disabling the connection during the standby, but this should be fixed anyway...


All drivers and BIOS and keyboard cover FW have been updated to the latest version

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