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Battery not charging

Dear Lenovo Forum friends,


I have a problem with my Lenovo x60 tablet 8 cell battery.  Almost two years ago I purchased two 8 cell baterries simultaneously. 42T5209ZD227230BZ and 42T5209Z1ZDA474500G. Now the first one does not work. When plugged in de batterylife indicator flashes orange, the battery life meter indicates it is not chargeable and it does not fully charge. On the other hand the other one works fine.


It is immensely difficult to contact Lenovo support, waiting countless minutes and endless referels to different collegeus. Also contacting e-mail is support seems next to impossible. I read in a ariticle @Slashgear and Engadget today that certain FRM batteries by Lenovo are being recalled. Unfortunately my series does not, whilst I seem to have a similar problem. This is injust as I have to pay almost 170 US dollars for such a new battery.


I ask for your help. Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo without the waiting game and exepensive phone calls. Could someone refer me to a Lenovo contact support e-mail? If not does anyone have experience with battery replacements with Lenovo? Is a recycling recplacement redution plan possible and if so how?


Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,


Willem Evenhuis.

the Netherlands.

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Re: Battery not charging

If your battery is not a part of the recall, you're out of luck. Warranty on batteries is 12 months only, like it was in the IBM days.


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Re: Battery not charging

What is your experience in the range of support with IBM/Lenovo? Will I be left to  my own devices or are there options for mutual benefits with regards to discount replacements if I send the defect battery.  Resources are getting ever limited and surely the environment is also high on this company's agenda, much to the consumer's delight, nog having to keep old batteries hanging around in the house. Otherwise I am left with a bitter reminder that Lenovo batteries last less longer  than a series of 8 AA batteries! Surely that can not be in the best interest of such a great company where an expensive investment is expetected to be more durable?
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