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What's DOS?
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Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be a pain to add on an internal Bluetooth card to a Lenovo ThinkPad X230Tablet. I kinda shot myself in the foot by not ordering bluetooth when I purchased but I didnt have an option for it and was wondering if there was anyway possible I could just add on the bluetooth myself. Either that or send it in to get added on if thats at all possible since its still under warranty



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Re: Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

Good afternoon and welcome to the community.


From pages 77-78 of your Hardware Mantenance Manual, it appears that there is a Bluetooth daughter card option.

Checking the FRU Parts Listing, though, the part number is not obvious to me. Possibly, another community member will know and can advise.


Alternatively, you may wish to contact Service and ask if they could supply the FRU P/N.

Country or RegionProductLanguageTelephone numberHours of operation
United States THINK-branded products English 1-800-426-7378 24 hours/day
7 days/week


Hope this helps a bit.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

Its a start but hopefully someone knows if this can be done for sure or where I can find one once I contact the support. I have searched everywhere and cant seem to find a card that gives me bluetooth. So I am hoping the part can be supplied or added on. I appreciate the heads up

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Re: Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

Hi sarbin and DieselThink,


It might be Fru 42t0969.  Underline might be.  That's a BlueTooth daughter card used in several ThinkPad models.


I haven't been able to tie it to the x230t with any certainty.


I'm only tossing it out here to give the OP something to search on.  Maybe it will lead to something useful  At least it's dirt-cheap.



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Re: Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

Hi Zoltan,


To add, the FRU you provided is for BT 2.1. X230t has 4.0.


Chip is BCM20702A0


Hw identifiation from Windows:



Closest I could find:

04W1700 N Sub Card BT WS from T430s


Hint for 430s comes from this thread after googling for the HW ID.



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Re: Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

The X230t should have a slot for the Bluetooth module located under the palmrest (same as the X230)

FRU for the Bluetooth 4.0 card is 


60Y3303 Foxconn Bluetooth
60Y3305 Liteon Bluetooth


Jin Li

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Re: Bluetooth Add-On for X230T

Just found out I can get partial list out for my S/N so I went, checked and this is what I found, hope it helps:


Mfg P/N FRU P/N Description

60Y3302   60Y3303   


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