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Bluetooth devices not working after fresh install of Windows 7 Pro

I recently installed a fresh OEM copy of Windows 7 Professional on my x61 tablet PC. I installed all the necessary drivers and had the whole thing set up perfectly. After installing the hotkey driver, I was able to enable the bluetooth capability. Initially, I tried getting my Microsoft Bluetooth Notbook Mouse 5000 to work with the computer and figured that there would be no issue since it worked fine when Vista was installed. However, the computer was never able to get the device completely working. When I tried parring the mouse, it would consistantly get an error. I eventually decided to download the latest bluetooth driver from Lenovo (7vbv05ww.exe), but the device still did not work.


Previously in Device Manager, I would look under Mice and other pointing devices and I would see that there was a HID mouse device, which was the bluetooth one. Searching through forums, someone mentioned that you had to go to services.msc and have bluetooth support be set to automatic and change log on to local system account. I made the changes and it did not fix the problem. I tried restarting and attempting to try over and over to get it to work but nothing helped. I even would hit the keystroke, Fn+F5, disable the bluetooth reciever and then re-enable to see if it would pick it up and nothing different occured. I also enabled in the bluetooth settings "Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer".


But now the real problem is that my laptop will not even detect any bluetooth device at all. When I was originally trying to get the mouse to be installed, a pop-up would come up at the notification area saying that a device wanted to connect. But now, when I do the same procedure, nothing happens. If I go to the bluetooth manager, and click "add a device", it never finds any. Also, in device manager, the previous HID mouse is no longer showing up when I try to connect my bluetooth mouse. I also tried to see if I could connect my iPhone to my PC but its not detecting any device. I tried re-installing the same bluetooth driver again and restart, but nothing changed. Now my bluetooth is completley defective. However, the Fn+F5 radio seems to be working fine, the lighted icon near the power lights is glowing, so it is still functioning ok in that respect, just some type of software glitch.


If anyone knows what I can do or point me in the right direction, I would be really appreciative.



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