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Bluetooth or wireless control via FN + F5 not working on ThinkPad

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Started ‎06-11-2010 by
Modified ‎08-28-2014 by



I installed Win 7 on my X61t, together with new Lenovo software, but I can't figure out how to disable bluetooth now.


I used to do it through the Tablet Shortcut Menu, I had radios settings there, and I could disable/enable WiFi and Bluetooth seperately through there. Now I only have a Disable Wireless Radios option there, which basically does the same as the wireless switch does, so it's kinda useless.


I've tried through the taskbar icon, I've tried through the Control panel, through Network Connections, even through the Device Manager. Even when I disable all the BT devices and connections the bluetooth LED stays on, so it's not fully disabled on the hardware level. And obviously I want to be able to disable it quickly, like I did through the Tablet Shortcut menu, so going through the control panel wouldn't really be a solution anyway.


How can I disable BT now? 




The onscreen controls connected with the FN+F5 toggle available under Windows XP, Windows Visa, and Windows 7 reequire Lenovo Hotkey driver to be installed.  It is also recommended to have the Lenovo power manager and display drivers installed, as there may be dependencies on these packages in some cases.

The HotKey driver  for a X61 Tablet 7764 CTO is available here.  


Version 3.89 or later


You may also wish to install the available patch files for the hotkey 

Then use the (blue) Fn and F5 comination instead of the other options in some menus of the Windows interface...


wireless bluetooth.png


I found that in the "Fn+F5 settings" button at the bottom of the pop-up, the behavior was set to the second radio button "Alternate between turning all wireless radios off and turning all radios on" instead of the first choice which I desired "Show a menu that allows me to control power settings for wireless radios in my system individually"


I then could select the wireless radio tab and enable / disable bluetooth there...





by Dotuletz on ‎06-15-2015 11:07 AM
Thanks. Helped Managed to fix my Lenovo M5400. 1. Install Lenovo Power Management Driver if you don't have it yet. 2. Install Hotkey Features Integration 3. I installed Hotkey Features patch but I don't know if you needed, it worked for me 4. Reboot 5. Press Fn+F5 and Wireless Radios pop-up will show where you need to press to arrow for Individual control 6. Turn your Bluetooth on 7. Now install your bluetooth driver. Done this while listening to music from my phone via bluetooth Smiley Happy