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Paper Tape
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Calibration of Digitizer and Touchscreen

Hi there,


I hope you know why it is important as user of a tablet pc to have a good accuracy at writing and touching on your display. So this is why I am asking myself why is it impossible to calibrate digiziter and touchscreen under Windows 7 so it fits our needs as customer?


It is not acceptable that the cursor moves more than 3mm from the position of the digitizer. The calibration tool integrated in Windows 7 is just poor. I get distances between cursor and digitizer up to 2cm when I use it!

When I use the Wacom driver the calibration is way more useful but the driver itself isn't. So it is not an alternative to the Lenovo Enhanced Multitouch Driver.


As you can see on this blog it is possible to use the calibration tool with another grid so you get a much better calibration. But up to now I am not able to find a way to use this also for calibrating the digitizer.


Hey Lenovo, what about to improve the calibration on Windows 7? You would help many many many of your customers. I love my ThinkPad X200t. For me it's the best notebook I could find for my money. Especially for the reason that I use my ThinkPad for artwork I need a very good calibration.




Paper Tape
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Re: Calibration of Digitizer and Touchscreen

Agreed! After carefully calibrating my digitizer, there is still a 4mm+ discrepancy between my digitizer pen and the cursor around the edges of my display.

I'm looking forward to hearing the calibration solution.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Calibration of Digitizer and Touchscreen

Ditto for me. However, I was able to calibrate the pen using the 36-point grid. Even though it's a lot better, it's still not correct towards the edges of the screen.


On the subject of artwork, does pressure sensitivity in graphics editors work with Lenovo's drivers for you or anyone else? I had to install the Bamboo drivers to get it working.

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