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Can't boot following ghost image application

So I am trying to deploy a HELIX.. I've got widows and everythign updated. I created a bootable ghost USB drive which has successfully booted and assisted in the imaging of a seperate x230T (confirmation boot USB works) So to boot the helix into ghost.. had to disable secure boot (turns on nag text in the bottom right of the desktop with this turned off.) and put the bios to both UEFI and Legacy boot mode. This allowed me to boot into ghost and pull an image of the system.

To test the image i tried to put it back on the same helix and all goes well till the imaging is complete and you end up in a reboot loop that doesn't even reach the starting windows phase. This appears to be linked to the secure boot. So I returned the bios back to its prior secure boot and UEFI settings and it didn't get stuck in a loop. It did however bring up a Win8 style recovery screen saying Your PC needs to be repaired A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed Error code 0xc00000225 You'll need to use recovery tools on the installation media to restore windows.

Having googled a bit.. I cam across this bit

However as this is a different system the drives are a bit different. My diskpart and list volumes shows Volume 1 which comes up as the windows8_OS drive as letter D and the System_Drv as volume 2 and letter C. I'm assuming the new UEFI bios and the GPT type of partition are messing things up..

Renaming the drvies and volumes so the windows drive is C: and the system_drv is D: had no effect. Do I need to copy bcdboot from windows to system_drv?


So I need to resolve this boot issue so I can put this image on another machine cause atm this is a paperweight.

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