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What's DOS?
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Can't get Pressure Sensitivity to work in Photoshop CS5 x220 T

I just purchased the x220 T and love it. It works amazingly with sketchbook pro and calibrates well. 


HOWEVER, I can not for the life of me get the pressure sensitivity to register in photoshop.


I have searched and searched and keep finding discussions from people who have it working in photoshop but not in other programs. But all their solutions don't work.


I have tried updating the lenovo drivers, I've tried Wacom's Tablet PC driver, I've tried the Bamboo drivers and nothing works. 


The closest I got was installing a fujitsu driver a friend with the x201 reccomended and it worked --- but it also has a bad jitter and terrible clicking issues that makes it irritating to paint with.


My friend has her pressure sensitivity working well on her tablet and she installed the latest Bamboo driver update from Sept 27 2011 but nothing I try works.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I love this tablet and as I said, it works very well in other programs. Just not photoshop. Smiley Sad 


Thanks in advance.

What's DOS?
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Re: Can't get Pressure Sensitivity to work in Photoshop CS5 x220 T

[ Edited ]

Holy Shmoley I got it to work.


I followed the steps here:


The solution from 'blue_healer'.

Except I dont' have the multi-touch screen, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. So I removed every tablet driver that was on the laptop and rebooted. Then i installed the bamboo driver suggested (the march 15 2010 versoin). Rebooted again and then I figured, I'd try photoshop before I installed th emultitouch - even though I don't even have multitouch and VOILA! 


The thing is, I tried this driver BEFORE and it screwed everything up.


The difference I think is that I completely removed all the previous drivers that were installed and reboot. 


I don't know why, I feel like I did this already. Maybe there was just something conflicting that needed ot be removed but it works in case anyone is feeling stuck!

Fanfold Paper
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X201 pressure sensitivity + multitouch win8 64bit FIX

Windows 8 64bit - x201 tablet



1: download and install X201T touch driver (ASUS).rar from

Now pen pressure works in photoshop but finger touch doesnt


2: download Tablet PC - Enhanced Graphics Driver 7.1.0-8 from


It works now.


I never post on these things but if I can save anybody the headache I have experienced I am glad to do so this time. Sadly it isn't hard to try harder than Lenovo does for this problem......

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