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What's DOS?
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Depot Disaster

I sent in my 5 month old tricked out X200 tablet for depot warranty repair due to increasingly frequent blue screens.


They kept it three weeks.


They replaced the motherboard.


They inexplicably re-imaged the hard drive (without permission) without replacing any of the software the machine was bought with except Vista.  Even that proved to be 40 updates out of date.


No problem.  I had used Vista Backup and Restore Center to completely back-up (image) the whole system to a USB drive prior to shipping it out.


Couldn't figure out how to restore my applications and data.  Lenovo couldn't help as they don't support Windows.  The insist that I buy it but they don't support it.  They only support ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery.


Hmm . . . seems I need a Rescue and Recovery boot CD to recover my Windows image file.  Seems Lenovo did not send me a bootable Vista CD with my computer.  Lets make one.  Whoops, it will only launch ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery which won't recognize the back-up files Windows created on my USB hard drive.


What to do?  Spend $150 on another Copy of Vista when I already own it?  Spend $200 on a copy of Windows 7, use it to boot my computer and pray that it will allow me to recover some of my old data backed up in Vista?  Buy an Apple and chuck Senior Gates for good?


Whatever I do, one thing is for sure.  I won't be buying any more Lenovo products in my lifetime!


Oh.  Thankyou Milton, Harold, Shawn, Jackie, and Dereck of the Lenovo, Atlanta brain trust for wasting 2½ of my evening.

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