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What's DOS?
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Do you miss the touchpad?

This time around next year, I will probably be buying myself the best X Series Tablet money can buy.

However, I have but one quandry: the lack of a touchpad.

I do use a trackpoint the majority of the time. However, I still use the touchpad when I need to increase speed and precision. I know that the trackpoint can actually be faster in this case, but I guess I'm just not good enough with it.

So my question is, to you proud X Series Tablet owners, do you miss the touchpad?

More importantly, does the active digitizer get rid of the need for a touchpad?

I assume that the active digitizer's allows you to hover?

Is there any way for me to drop Lenovo a suggestion and ask them to include the option of a touchpad?

While the lack of a touchpad is not going to stop me from buying, it may make me consider another manufacturer like Fujitsu, if they get better by this time around next year.

-Thanks for the advice.

Serial Port
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Re: Do you miss the touchpad?

I am in still in my 1st month of owning a Lenovo X200T and I love it thus far.   I wondered about the touchpad issue; but, with the pen digitizer capability, I  find that I rarely use the trackpoint.   I should point out (no pun intended) that, when I am working at my desk for heavy-duty word processing tasks, I connect the X200T to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse (using the base docking station).   When I want to read/answer email, catch up on RSS feeds, browse the internet, jabber with colleagues, and perform other such activities, I disconnect the laptop, put it in tablet mode, and pull out the pen.   I did not buy the dual purpose screen Works great.  Candidly, even though the hand-writing interpreter is very good (and my penmanship is lousy), I have not become adept enough (yet) to perform heads down document drafting with the pen in tablet mode.   I still prefer the keyboard for heavy productivity authoring/editing functions, but it is great to have the pen option for almost everything else. 


The few occasions that I have used the trackpoint, it was fairly easy to move the pointer where I wanted and I could tell that, like most things that are initially unfamiliar, I could get very good at it with practice.   Lack of the touchpad has not been an issue for me.


Ken Bour


Token Ring
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Re: Do you miss the touchpad?

I don't miss it in the slightest (in fact I prefer the clean palm rest).


That being said, I used the TrackPoint 95% of the time on my T40 and have never had much love for touchpads.


The digitzer pen does replace the TouchPad for me in the one situation where I used it on my T40 (lazy and casual browsing).  For most navigation though, I prefer the TrackPoint due to its supreme precision.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Do you miss the touchpad?

I own X61s (not the Tablet version), but I miss the touchpad in just one thing: left mouse clicks. I have to press the trackpoint much "harder" comparing to the touchpads in order to make a click. Actually I have to "hit" it instead of touching. Dunno if it can be configured, but this is an issue for me.

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Re: Do you miss the touchpad?

I have never liked touchpads on laptops. They tend to have a mind of their own at the worst time.


I was impressed when the X60 tablet did not have a touchpad (I think it was more a decision of internal space than customer input).


It should not take you long to get "good" with the trackpoint.


The tablet is accurate when using the stylus, you should have no issues!


How much did I hate (and still do) a touchpad...for 'kicks" here is a picture of the "Top of the line" ThinkPad T42p that was mine:


The T42/T42p came with a touchpad


and for giggles I also added:


A high-gloss black, powdered coated top cover 


In theory the material used on the top cover of the T4x/T4xp series is the same material used on the X60 tablet...



Currently own: T61, X220T, X220, X230, T430, T450, W550s 3K,

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