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Docking/Undocking/sleep procedures - X61 Tablet Vista

I'm just curious how other people use their tablet with a dock.  I have noticed that getting my tablet to switch over to using my external monitor when docked is a crapshoot if I dock while my tablet is turned on and in tablet mode.  I usually end up having to switch monitors manually with presentation manager.  However, if I dock while in tablet mode mode and the OS sleeping then turn it on my external monitor activates by automatically every time.
When I undock things seem to be equally interesting if I leave the computer on.  Sleeping first seems to be the surest way to ensure the tablet will switch screen orientation properly the next time it is turned on.  If I don't sleep it the tablet screen activates but the screen orientation is not the way I would like it in tablet mode.
I am running Vista business and I currently have my tablet set to sleep when the lid is closed.  If I close the lid to make it sleep then later open it and quickly switch to tablet mode it tends to take a long time to change screen orientation or I have to manually change it with the button. Lately I have left it in tablet mode and just put it to sleep before putting it in my bag but I am a bit concerned about the screen becoming damaged when I do this.
So how do you use your tablet?  Do you carry it in tablet mode or do you close it before stuffing it in your bag?  How do you dock it? 
And here is a real far out one, does anyone use both an external screen and the tablet at the same time?  If you do, which screen is your primary monitor and which is the extended monitor?
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Re: Docking/Undocking/sleep procedures - X61 Tablet Vista

I think you might find it usefull to create several profiles on the Presentation Director, both docked and undocked. Seems that PresentationDirector finds the right profile that way going back to the last settings including resolution etc.
It happens sometimes, that when undocked computer wakes up, it is still using external screen when it has been already disconnected. Switching it with FnF7 does not help (even with that key configured to switch the screens), the workaround is to put PC again to sleep and wake up...
You can use both normal and extended screen at the same time, personally I always use the external screen as the Primary one as it is bigger, and use the normal secondary screen for "background" tasks such as emails, messanger etc. I hoped to be able to use it for OneNote and draft notes on the Tablet direclty using pen, but it is not usable if your PC is docked.
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