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Docking solution nicht working - External Monitor not detected with Helix 2

I have bought a Pro Dock (4X10H04503) as 'final solution' to simple remove the tablet for travel and plug it back for stationary use. 
This kind of works. But when cold booting the system (BIOS is set to boot when power is turned on), the monitor on the HDMI output never shows, isn't even detected by anything. So it doesn't show up on the Intel Graphics Properties for the HD 5300 neither.

In order to make it work like in my current situation (T410s, docked, power-on boots, and switches to external monitor without any user interaction), I need to either unplug the power of the dock after login, or remove the tablet from the dock and put it back. Only then does the second monitor show as alternative, resepctively is switched to. 


Any help by someone who has an idea how to avoid the power_on - login - remove_tablet - insert_tablet cycle will be appreciated!




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