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Re: re: x220t edges

Here's a screen capture of me trying to draw straight lines. The pen was 90 degree perpendicular to screen.
And another pic showing the dot not following the pen's tip.

Maybe I'll make another video of how hard the pen is to use.
Paper Tape
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Re: re: x220t edges

I believe that the drift when the pen gets near the edge is caused by the Wacom tablet drivers. I uninstalled them on my system and the problem went away. Removing the UI Tablet drivers also disabled my touchpad and track stick.


I'll let you know what happens when I reinstall the drivers (if I can figure that out).




PS: Is anyone else seeing this forum in German despite the English setting?

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Retired SuperMod
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Re: re: x220t edges

@bmassey wrote:


PS: Is anyone else seeing this forum in German despite the English setting?

Brian, welcome to the forum,


shouldn't be an issue now, I've hopefully fixed it for you. the explanation as to why this happens can be found here.



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: re: x220t edges

I have the same problem  Recalibrating makes no difference at all.  I'm definitely not going to start messing around with installing/uninstalling various drivers (including one that is for another brand of computer).


Can anybody make an educated guess on whether Lenovo can/will fix this issue?  If not, I'm probably going to send the computer back.  It's a nice unit otherwise, but an issue as big as that is basically a deal-breaker.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: re: x220t edges

Yeah, even if it is the drivers, removing ISD pretty much breaks touch/pen utility so it's not really a viable option. 


No idea Cat.  I seem to have more problems than some others that I've talked to, so it might be a combination of hardware and software.  I have a 45 day return policy from the place I bought it, so if Lenovo doesn't speak up soon I'll be sending it back (almost 30 days into the 45).  I really like the laptop, but stylus and touch are unacceptable at this point.  The backlight bleeding and temporary burn in effect kind of turn me off as well.  It makes me wonder if they would have had better luck if they had stuck with the 12.1 inch screens instead of going to this untried format.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: re: x220t edges

bmassey - what did you exactly do? I think that might be a solution. You say that it fixes it but disables touchpad/trackstick. That's OK because we can always get the driver for them from the x220 (normal not tablet).
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Re: re: x220t edges

Okay, so I uploaded another video in youtube about this problem. Please take a look. This is totally unacceptable. I tried recalibrating several times, and it doesn't help.
Paper Tape
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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

Any call in about this or has Lenovo Officially responded to it?

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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

I called about it, and they said they can send me a box to ship it to the depot for repair. I didn't want to get a repair on my brand new tablet. And there is no gaurantee tha tthey will have a fix for this since so many users are experiencing this problem. Besides, I fear their depot service. In the past, they left scratches on my X61T, mixed up screws, overtighten the screws, forget to install cmos backup battery, and so on. These are not all in one occasion, but I don't wan to take any risks.


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Community Moderator
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Re: Does anyone have x220t pen working properly on edges?

Hi guys,


here are some other videos from the guy who made the previous mentioned video. Some valuable input perhaps?


Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet - Pen Input


In the video link below he provide some tips, to get used to the tablet.

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