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Don't purchase any product from Lenovo if you expect your warranty to count! (BAIT and SWITCH!)

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The extended warranty that Lenovo sells you when you purchase your system is a scam.


I purchased an X200 tablet about a year and a half ago with the extended warranty.  My computer began having issues about halfway into the warranty.  I then called Lenovo support for this problem covered under the extended warranty. They will immediately send out a box and a label to send the system back for a promised repair.  Then about a week later they will call you and tell you that your computer has far more damage than it really had when you shipped it to them (a cracked screen and some other item in my case!) and then try to get you to pay for them to even repair anything wrong with the computer.


Lenovo has no issue with lying by saying that the customer was the one responsible for the problem.  I can only advise anyone considering purchasing a Lenovo system to choose a different manufacturer.  




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Re: Don't purchase any product from Lenovo if you expect your warranty to count! (BAIT and SWITCH!)

I had to deal with poor technical support from Lenovo earlier, however, once the issue was raised to customer complaint resolutions, they were actually quite helpful.


Try contacting Mark_Lenovo on the forums. He is really helpful.

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Offer to help with service trouble



Sorry that you had a bad experience with service.   As jyeah suggests, we take this kind of situation seriously and definitely want to look into it and see what can be done.


Please send me a private message with your contact information (name, address, phone), service case number and model and serial number .


Please keep in mind that it is possible the system was damaged during shipment to the depot which would not be your fault, but it could explain why service noted additional damange on the system.  Basically, let's try to help you and keep an open mind about what may have happened.


I'll look for your PM - thanks for letting us know you are having some troubles.



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Re: Don't purchase any product from Lenovo if you expect your warranty to count! (BAIT and SWITCH!)

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I called Lenovo service, handled by IBM. the warranty listed on my machine is good until 2012 however they said the support was expired and it wasn’t showing in their DB and I needed to call sales and figure it out. I told them I would send them this pic for verification and support tech said " We don’t have external email" their extendid warrenty is a LIE


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