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EE, SL9600, 64 bit

Hello, long story short I need a laptop ASAP, project goes to review board next week and my laptop was stolen today.  A few quick questions regarding the x200s multi touch, I truly appreciate any help.


I noticed home premium 64 bit is not an option, anyway I could get this somehow when I upgrade to 7?


I am intrigued by this "Enhanced Experience," will this be available for download on the 22nd for purchases made now?  Or is it only available for PC's purchased afterwards?


While reading reviews for this unit the SL9600 is the chip that is tested, but on Lenovo's site that is not an option for the x200 multi touch.  I don;t understand what I'm missing.


Thanks for any help I can get here.

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Re: EE, SL9600, 64 bit

the only laptop with multi touch are the x200 tablet or the t400s.


the serial number will work for either the 64 bit or 32 bit, but you would need to obtain a 64 bit installation disc from somewhere.


x200s and x200tablet is two different machine.


Jin Li

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Re: EE, SL9600, 64 bit

Sorry, I did not specify correctly.  I am referring to the tablet, I was under the impression that if the purchased computer is 32 bit I would only be eligible for 32 bit win 7 upgrade.

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