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Enabling Wacom Pressure Sensitivity

2007-12-11, 15:07 PM
Okay, I admit it, I'm a Wacom junkie.  I've got three of their tablets on other computers, so getting a laptop with a wacom screen seemed like a perfect fit.  Only I can't enable pen pressure, even with their advanced driver (which installs, but doesn't seem to be recognized.)  My screen has the multi touch - I'm more than willing to disable touch if I can have better pen response.  Anyone have any luck getting the pen pressure to work? 

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Re: Enabling Wacom Pressure Sensitivity

2007-12-29, 8:46 AM
Not much of an expert, but I just installed PScs3 as well as the latest tablet wacom drivers today. Pressure sensitivity started working after the driver install, and passive touch input still works as well (I was worried they wouldn't be compatible after reading up a bit, but this doesn't seem to be the case with this setup...)  I have a MT/MV screen and Vista. Installed the latest windows tablet driver from the WACOM site even though it doesn't mention Vista in the driver download description.

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Re: Enabling Wacom Pressure Sensitivity

2008-03-09, 6:50 AM
I contacted Wacom support and learned that the X61 Tablet PC uses an OEM variant of the "Bamboo Fun" USB tablet.
Importantly, that driver works -- at least well enough to recover several "stylus quit" threads -- I fetched and installed v5.05-7
Bamboo Fun driver for WinXP without troubles. I sketch but don't need pressure any more than for decent hand writing.
I tried the v5.03-3 driver without success. It could have been the loose operator nut, beyond that, I have no clue.
I'm working with and enjoying my Lenova Thinkpad X61 [7764-CTO] laptop. Yes there are troubles that I'm slowily working
through. Yes, I wish these troubles were not present and the the work-through moved faster. Mostly, I wish that
XX hardware requires YY driver to deliver ZZ services and features was stated publicly and above board. That said,
we also require online docs so that we can read and tinker, understand and deploy.
~~~ Dan 0;-D
Austin, TX

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Re: Enabling Wacom Pressure Sensitivity

2008-12-05, 19:42 PM
have you had any more progress with this? i just started using my new tablet and found that even though the writing pad for text input works with pressure. but photoshop cs3 or the G.I.M.P. do not. hope this can fix it but dont have the laptop in front of me to try.
x61 tablet 7764-cto 1.6ghz 4gig mem 80gig hd vista business x64

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Re: Enabling Wacom Pressure Sensitivity

2009-06-25, 14:25 PM

Hello everyone,


I was trying to do the same thing and bumped into this thread last night. I did not give up searching for a solution. I am proud to announce that i did not find one on the internet, BUT i actually managed to use some past experience with the wacom driver to "cook" up a solution.


This should world for Vista SP1 and SP2.... both 32/64 bits AND on Windows 7 RC1 32/64. I have only tested it on 64 bits, but i think it will work ok on 32 too since i did the same thing there but am unable to test out.


How to install:


1. UNINSTALL any and all wacom drivers and software from your pc.


2. Unzip the archive and run Setup.exe. RESTART


3. That's it. Now you should have Touch Input(via the Gunze touch panel) + Pen Input (via Wacom Penabled) WITH PRESSURE SENSITIVITY.... both in Windows and Photoshop (and similar apps)


Download it Here




PS. Pressure sensitivity will not work in Photoshop 64 bit (this is a know limitation)... BUT it will work in Photoshop 32bit running on Windows 64 bit.


For those wondering what i did to make it work:


1. Get the latest touch driver from lenovo... i found this one 7wgf06ww.exe.

2. Get the latest driver from wacom

3. Unzip both files.

4. Find the files containing the drivers from the lenovo driver and copy them over the ones in the new driver.

These are DevInst.exe, PenInst.dll, wisdpen.cat, wisdpen.inf, wisdpen.sys.


5. Installed the cooked driver.

Message Edited by basilmir on 06-25-2009 07:32 AM
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