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Paper Tape
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Erratic Mouse Issue: X41 Tablet

Having the issue in the following article (to a T):
Problem is it will not seem to install under Vista. Gives an error code and says to reboot and try again...of course it still doesnt work.  There is an optional download for a diskette version, but you get an error saying it needs to be run under DOS, Win95, or Win2K (doesnt even say XP!).
Paper Tape
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Re: Erratic Mouse Issue: X41 Tablet

I have the same problem on my x41 tablet too, I just assumed it was microsoft and their bugs. It would be nice to fix it. I'm surprised you have vista on your x41. Is it dreadfully slow? I wish I could upgrade to something other than XP, but linux sounds like a hassle (getting use of the digitizer) and vista is well... vista. I'm worried it would be too bloated to work on an ultra portable tablet pc.

I have an idea and this is assuming that the program won't let you extract the files to something other than a floppy disk. These computers are made to boot from a usb drive. I've done it before. On another computer, make the bootable floppy disk. Then copy those files from the floppy to a completely blank usb drive. Boot into your bios, and it should be fairly easy to find where to change the boot order, and make sure that USB is selected (I don't know if it's disabled by default). See if that works, it's just an idea.

I can see how the program that runs in windows wouldn't work in vista.

Good luck. And I'd like to hear about your experience with vista on your laptop.

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