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Fan Noise: X200T

My X200 Tablet (about one year old) has recently been exhibiting some annoying fan noise.  It sounds like a whirring/grinding sound as it spins up and down more or less continuously.  In my internet research on this issue, I found the following comment on another forum ( and, suprisingly, it worked!   I wanted to pass it on to this group because I had a devil of a time locating anything remotely like a solution. 


"I have a 'quick fix' that works for my S10. I start either from full off or out of hibernation as normal. Tons of fan noise/RPM's. Once up and running I send it immediately to stand-by mode and then fire it back up. No fan noice/RPM's This has really helped with the fan. Works for me. Try it out." 


This sounds unbelievable; but, in my case, I put the X200T in SLEEP mode, then woke it up and the whirring/grinding fan noise stopped immediately and completely!  I have no idea if this action will result in a permanent or temporary fix, but it might help someone else.   If I find/learn anything more, I'll post it... 


Ken Bour

Serial Port
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎05-02-2009
Location: United States
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Re: Fan Noise: X200T


I have to report that the above solution stopped working and probably never did help matters.  Eventually, the fan began to make an even louder and more persistent noise; then, finally, it failed completely. The only way I could keep the NB from overheating was to remove the keyboard so that enough air could circulate around the CPU.  That gave me enough time to transfer my important work files to another laptop.

Out of options, I called Lenovo support.  My X200T was only 1 year old and still under warranty, so they recommended that I return it for service. They sent a box for transport which arrived in two days.  I removed the hard drive, battery, pen, and SIM card.  I had the NB back in about three days.  Shipping was covered both ways.  The repair notice indicated that the motherboard was replaced - not just the fan.

My X200T runs like new and the fan is super quiet and reliable. The NB stays under 50°C all the time according to SpeedFan 4.4.

I am extremely pleased with the speed and quality of Lenovo's warranty service.

Based on my experience, if you have fan problems, don't live with it for so long as I did.  Send your NB to Lenovo for repair.


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