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Punch Card
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Few questions about the X201 Tablet

Hi all,


I ordered an x201 tablet (should be here within a week) but i just need a little clarification on a few things i couldn't really find answers to.


1. I purchased it without a WWAN card (as i didn't know WWAN upgradable meant you needed to buy a card separately) and i want both WWAN and GPS. Does the Gobi 2000 card on the lenovo website come with GPS? as there is no mention of it having GPS capabilities.


2. Is a screen protector worth it? I have a multi-touch screen, but after looking on the internet there seems to be a problem with screen protectors affecting the multi-touch features. (i'm not that bothered with scratches or smudges, but will not using such a protector create black spots?)


3. To increase battery life is it possible to install an express card SSD and tell the system to store frequently used items there? What sort of program would i need or will windows 7 do this for me?


4. It comes with a 1 year depot warranty, can i purchase more before the 1 year expires? is it worth it and what does it cover?


5. Is there a slice battery for the x201t like the T and W series? from what i have been reading the 8 cell battery doesn't get anywhere near the stated 8 hours, can anyone confirm this?


Sorry for all the questions, probably should have researched a bit more before buying it.




Dennis Smiley Happy

Punch Card
Posts: 21
Registered: ‎08-22-2010
Location: Australia
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Re: Few questions about the X201 Tablet

Well i just got my X201 Tablet Smiley Happy i can answer a few of these questions.


-Screen protector won't work with multi-touch features so they are probably not worth it.

-Installing an SSD card in the expresscard slot using (readydrive i think) won't really help battery life

-warranty can be upgraded, but seems to be a hit and miss as most of the repairs on the x201 tablet are considered user payable items.

-Battery life with very light use using an 8 cell battery is around 4 hours with half brightness and wifi.


Still unsure about the gobi 2000 WWAN card. Can someone confirm that all lenovo Gobi 2000 cards come with GPS capabilities, if not, where would i find one with both WWAN and GPS.



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