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Paper Tape
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Flickering Tablet Screen

I've got an X61 Tablet running XP Tablet 2005.


It's working fine for the most part, except that when I move the screen around it flicker and has horizontal line distortions on the screen.


Once it stops moving it looks fine.  


I completely disassembled the screen to check for loose ribbon cables, power inverter cables, etc... and for a while it seemed like it was flickering less, but after fully reassembling everything it's as bad as it was before.


Obviously something in there is bad, but I'm not sure which component to replace.  The LCD panel?  one of the boards? The cables?  Anyone got an idea which part might need replacing?

Punch Card
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Re: Flickering Tablet Screen

The weakest one is generally the flat cable(s) ... assuming it's just coming from normal usage as time passes.


If there were shocks or other "accidents" then this might be something "bigger".

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