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What's DOS?
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Fragile LCD


    This X61 has been my first ThinkPad, and I have to say my opinion of the hardware has been mixed.  I bought this computer about 5 months ago for school, and I looked past the wobbly screen and battery finding it a pretty good machine.  However, today the LCD failed me.

    The laptop was in a fully padded backpack when the screen cracked internally, and there is spillage near one of the corners.  There is no damage on the outside - the bezel is in perfect condition and the digitizer works. I need to figure out what my options for repairing this are.  I am aware that screens are usually rejected for warranty claims but this does not seem to be caused by the users; it's as if it were a design or manufacturing flaw. 

   Buying the part from Lenovo would mean spending about $100 less than the cost of the computer; I don't want to risk buying shady parts from eBay or a similar place.  Will this be covered under warranty and if not, what are my other options? 



Michael K.


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