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Helix 1 extreme throttling

I'm owning a Thinkpad Helix 1. Gen (36986cg) with an i7-3667U (2-3,2 GHz).
The device gets extremely throttled after a short time of CPU load, even with the additional fans of the keyboard.
I'm using Windows 10 with all Updates (Windows Update + Lenovo System Update). Bios is up to date too.
I experienced the same issues already under Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
Reinstallation of Windows didn't changed anything.
Tools I used for measuring:
CPU-Temperature: Speedfan, TPFanControl, ThrottleStop
CPU-Frequency: CPU-Z, ThrottleStop
CPU-Usage: Taskmanager and Speedfan
controlling Fans (optional): TPFanControl
inducing high CPU Load: "Intel Burn Test 2" or any Game or CPU-intensive Application
CPU-Frequency oscillates between 800 Mhz and 3GHz.
CPU-Temperatures stay between 55 and 65 °C
All OK.
short High-CPU-Load (e.g. Benchmarks, Games, ...)
CPU-Frequency oscillates between about 2.2 and 2.5 Ghz
CPU-Usage only initially near 100% (Taskmanager); in Speedfan always at 100%
CPU heats up and reaches about 70°C in ThrottleStop and 74°C in TPFanControl after a few seconds.

long CPU-Load (nearly all medium CPU-intensive Applications: Visual studio projects, Youtube Videos, VLC MKV Playback, Games like Minecraft with minimal settings, ...)
CPU-Frequency oscillates on low niveau: 800-1200 Mhz
CPU Usage stays always < 40% (Taskmanager); in Speedfan always at 100%
CPU-Temperatures stay at 70...74°C
The Device gets extremely slow. Even Youtube videos and Visual Studio Intellisense starts stuttering after a few minutes.
(Un)docking the keyboard with the additional fans doesn't change much. The Performance is terrible in both modes.
The fans in the tablet and keyboard are working.
Using TPFanControl and setting the fan speed to 7 (a bit faster than the bios settings) doesn't change much too.
Playing with ThrottleStop doesn't change anything too. When reaching 70...74°C after a few second, the device get's throttled anyway.

Can anyone confirm this (or parts of this) behaviour?
I'm currently dissappointed from Lenovo.
Why did they offer an expensive i7 upgrade to one of the fastest i7U processors for much money, it the tablet is much slower than any 5 years old Intel Atom tablet (under load)???
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Re: Helix 1 extreme throttling

I'm having the same issue. My wifes mid range i5 that is another 3 years older than my i7 Helix is much, much faster... Honestly I have never been more dissapointed with a purchase.


I have even opened it up, cleaned everything, re-applied fresh thermal paste and replaced the SSD with a new Samsung 850 EVO. Disabling absolutely all throttling and power management in Windows makes it kind of acceptable to use, but that leaves me with no sleep management or anything. I'm a bit stumped with what else I can try.

Lenovo Helix i7 256gb... wish I bought a Surface Pro for better support...

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