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Helix 2 Battery question

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding your experience. 

I fully charged my Helix 2 and pro keyboard Sun. 

Used it about 20 min Sunday night.

It showed it had about 4 hrs left on the keyboard battery at about 90%, and 100% on the tablet if I'm reading it right. But since I updated with the Lenovo updates - one which was charge related - it doesn't seem to last as long on a charge. It used to last all day, but now I think that 4 hrs showing is saying total time instead of just keyboard battery time like it used to. 

I shut it down - NOT put it to sleep.

Today, Wed, I turned it on, and the keyboard battery showed about 60% & the tablet battery showed 75%. I'm wondering if your battery charge loss is about the same? That's a 25% loss in 3 days without use, and I think the total time available per charge is less than half of what it used to be. That's not an "update" I want. Anyone else experience anything like this?

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