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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

Funny thing! - I even decided that "End" button doens't work!

(I turned Fn+lock on as the first thing at the very beginning, as I prefer having F1-F12's, and opposite was very annoying, but later totally forgot about it!).


"End" is rarely used during initial setup, until you get to office docs.


I came to Lenovo's authorized service )), their engineer didn't notice FnLk during diagnostics and he requested keyboard replacement by guarantee!!! Smiley Happy))

(and it's understandable, because this new keyboard approach is very unusual for IT folks)


Fortunately last day before the replacement I've noticed this tricky FnLk!!!

(service allowed to keep Helix until the replacement arrived).



Hello to Lenovo engineers! Smiley Happy



Update: mdovey, folks, tx for the fix with the registry!!! it helped!

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

Is there any solution how to fix this in Linux?

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

Guys, I used SharpKeys ( to map all cliks on INSERT to END. I lost the INSERT functionality but gained back the right END use, which was signifcantly more important. 

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

I confirm same behavior on Thinkpad Yoga 20CD00B1US that End and Insert get swapped if FnLk is activated. It is pretty annoying. I would also prefer to turn off that LED and reverse the meaning of FnLk as if "FnUnLk" as I use F keys and End way more often and the green light is annoying.

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

Same request here. I am using a Thinkpad Yoga S1 and it is very annoying that the End button is not standardon FnLk layout. Please make F1-12 keys and end standard without LED highlight.

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

Makeing the F1-F12 Keys seconday was the worst deciesion in computing.  Dell and other OEMS also do this.  

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

+1 request from me, Fx keys should be default choice.

A simple solution to make (or keepSmiley Happy everyone happy (and keep the Fn buttlon light off most of the time) would be to make the default state of Fx keys a choice in BIOS.

I'm on Yoga, by far the best Lenovo laptop ever built (R50, T40, T400, X61s, x220). Except for the keyboard mappingSmiley Happy
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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

There is a very quick solution to that, just download this registery file and run it and restart your computer:


Right click and Download:


Many thanks to Eric Duncan:

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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

Althought it works flawlessly, we face problem when use external keyboard. Because on _normal_ external keyboard we got same buttons swapped while internal one works ok.


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Re: Helix End/Insert keys swapped

THANKS! I never ever use the Insert key. On usb keyboards I physically pull out the key!

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