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Paper Tape
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Helix Screen Brightness Won't Change



My Helix has suddenly stopped letting me change its screen brightness. It's currently stuck on a pretty dim setting. It was running fine yesterday up until the evening, when suddenly it just became dim. Fn+5 and Fn+6 won't do anything (no brightness bar shows up), and changing it manually from power options don't show any change.


Any advice?  

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Helix Screen Brightness Won't Change

Have you run the Lenovo diagnostics to see it something shows up? Also, have you worked through all the Power settings via the control panel for how your screen shows on AC and on Battery power. Make sure the settings are right. You say you did, but try setting it to full low brightness in both AC and battery and see if it "frees" things up.


One other area I would try, is to go into the bios and see if there might be a setting there.


On the slider control in the charms, do you see a little lock symbol which indicates a brightness setting control is in operation (at least I believe it is)


One last thing is to call tech support.


Good luck

Paper Tape
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Re: Helix Screen Brightness Won't Change

Thanks for replying!

The Lenovo diagnostics say that I only have a critical Windows update but I can't update because this is a school-issued laptop, and I am not the adminstrator on this. I tried the power settings again, and nothing happened. There is also no lock symbol on the brightness setting either.

Since this is a school issued laptop, I'm a little weary of tampering with BIOS, so I will have to wait until Monday to go see my school's IT department.

Thanks for your help!
Paper Tape
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Re: Helix Screen Brightness Won't Change

Hi, I have a similar issue, except my thinkpad helix (370133G, 1st generation) screen is stuck on MAX brightness. Everything else works. Its annoyingly bright, especially in dark settings (worst is airplane).


I've run all the diagnostics via lenovo, updated everything in lenovo vantage as well as windows. I've checked all the windows settings. When I try to adjust the bright (eg, fn F5/F6) the brightness volume bar appears, and the values change in the notification panel brightness button as well, but the screen stays max brightness.



This all started almost a year ago when right before my warranty ended, I had lenovo replace my motherboard fan which keeps getting noisy and ultimately pooping out (fingers crossed the one now has been good). After the initial replacement, the touch screen wasn't working, so lenovo sent someone out to replace the motherboard and screen. After this, I didnt start using the laptop again for some time (because I had migrated to another device which this one was having issues), but when I did start using it again, I noticed the screen brightness doesnt change. Lenovo was not able to help after that because I was out of warranty by then. 


Any ideas?

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