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Punch Card
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

Come on Lenovo, please do something to fix it.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

Same here, it stopped charging when it reached 50%, but now it is discharging again, and I'm afraid it will recharge only when the dock will be empty. I think that is how I sometimes observed my dock battery below 5% despite it being plugged to AC power.

As a bonus question: do we know how the dock will behave when plugged to AC power but when the tablet is not docked? There won't be any OS to control charge, so will it charge till 100% (which I hope), or not charge at all, or anything else?

Punch Card
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

Dock is charging to 100%, if you put the AC power in and the tablet is not docked.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level



I saw in another thread that you uninstalled Power Management driver.  You need to keep this driver installed if you want battery charging to work properly in Windows.


Please let me know installed version of the following:

1.  Lenovo PM Device  (in Device Manager -> System devices)

2.  Lenovo Settings Power  (in Device Manager -> System devices)

3.  Lenovo Settings Dependency Package  (in Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features)

4.  UEFI BIOS Version

5.  Embedded Controller Version

6.  MPU Firmware Version


4-6 come from BIOS setup, reboot the system and press F1 to access it.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

My dock is now 0%. It is stated as "charging", but it's 0% since two hours now. 


Basically what I did since my last post is :

- go to hibernation mode;

- wake up the Helix at office (plugged);

- go to sleep mode;

- wake up the device;

- USB ports on hub not working (which is a problem I also saw on the forum here, and I have it too since it already happened, by the way it is quite annoying because it annihilates the most obvious advantage of sleep mode, i.e., rapid recovery and ready to use laptop);

- go to hibernation and immediately wake up to retrieve a properly working USB hub, hence mouse and Ethernet.


I think the battery discharged during or after the sleep mode, but I cannot guarantee it as I have not checked it before going to lunch (when I put the Helix to sleep mode). I just did not notice any almost-empty battery icon in the systray before coming back, but it may well have emptied at this time and I did not notice.


As I write this message, it just charged up to 3%. I assume it started to charge it when the tablet battery reached 50% (during this message). But still, I see no reason why it totally emptied the dock, and it would be better if it had forced at least a few percents of charge for the dock before trying to charge the tablet to 50%.


1. Lenovo PM device:
2. Lenovo Settings power:
3. Lenovo Settings Dependency Package:
4. UEFI BIOS Version: cannot reboot now cause I am working and I have some operations running currently, but the last gfuj04us.exe file I downloaded was downloaded from a link here and is dated of 8th of June.
5. How do you see that?
6. Can't reboot right now, but MPU is the firmware for enhanced keyboard dock, right? Then I updated it two days ago from a link I found here in the forum, pointing to Lenovo Support.


Serial Port
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

I was going to create a thread on this question but I'm glad I checked to see the topic has been discussed.

While we all know about Nicd batteries and their member issues, I was surprised to see the option related to saving the life of the lithium batteries in the Helix.  So in theory, if I keep the battery charge at 50% the battery will have a longer life and hold a charge longer in the future if I do need it?

I had never heard of this so it's good to know.




Bill Pytlovany
BillP Studios
Microsoft MVP - Consumer Security
Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level



I'm not sure what is happening from your description, but here is some more info that may help you understand it:


1.  When unplugged from AC, the base battery will charge the tablet battery as needed, even during sleep mode.  In other words if the undocked tablet has 20% charge and the base battery has 100% charge, then you dock the tablet and put it to sleep, the base battery will discharge in order to charge the tablet battery.


2.  If the system is under a heavy load, the base battery may not charge while attached to AC Power.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

Thanks for the details. However the Helix was plugged at this time, and not on heavy load (even sleeping).

I've reverted the power settings to "Fully charge" as the "Optimize" option was too erratic for the moment. I will plug/unplug the Helix when staying at the office for multiple weeks to force some charging/discharging (not full cycles though), but this Optimize feature would definitely need some fix because it may be useful to many people.

Paper Tape
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

Hi all,


I am experiencing the same problems/symptoms. My tablet battery will charge when below 46% and stop at 50%.


I think I understand the different settings, however I do not see all of these in the Lenovo Settings->Power app. Especially the one that allows me to charge tablet battery to 100%.


It used to be there when I originally installed it, but now - after several system updates - it's gone.


So how do I access the setting to make the tablet battery charge fully?



Serial Port
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Re: Helix's batteries wear level

Lenovo says that the battery should fully charge if the new dependency package is installed. If you haven't downloaded the latest version, or been prompted to download and install by launching the Lenovo Settings app, then use the link below. Make sure you restart as well. 

@someotherguy wrote:

Battery Health Mode has been removed from Lenovo Settings, and the battery should always fully charge.

Can you please make sure you have installed the latest version of Lenovo Settings Dependency Package?


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