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Helix with USB Dock

Hi, just received a helix and am having a few issues. 


The first is with a wireless keyboard/mouse which I have resolved by using the built in Bluetooth, the receiver did not work correctly when plugged into the dock.


The other issues I can't seem to fix, the first is the touch screen appears to stay active while the machine is in the dock and the lid is closed. This causes phantom touches all over the place and plays havoc with the mouse/kb. This also presents another problem HEAT, while the laptop is running with the lid closed it gets very hot I believe due to the air channel being cut off. 


Even with the helix open there is still a cursor which every now and then appears on the screen separate from the main mouse.


Is it possible to run this ultrabook with the lid closed and plugged into dual screens or does it need to remain open for the rest of its days??

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Re: Helix with USB Dock

When the clamshell is open, the covering plate on the hinge actually opens up a little bit, making more room for the air to come in to the base fan. When you are closing the clamshell, I recommend you still keep the plate open, because the plate actually completely covers up the fans when closed, and it's definitely not good for keeping the machine cool.


In addition, it has always been unwise to use a laptop with lid closed, since it basically covers up one whole cooling surface of the device. Although the heat source of Helix is located somewhat different from conventional laptops, it is still going to be wise to keep the device open, especially since Helix(mine is i7) tends to get very, very hot under heavy load.


Phantom touches could be caused from heat, but it could also happen from various reasons. If your machine is not properly earthed, unstable static charges in the device could cause phantom touches. Your device may also have a bad case of chassis flex, which happened to my machine as well. In my case I ended up replacing the device with a new one.

If your phantom touch tends to happen on certain specific points on the screen, then the problem is more likely to be caused from chassis flex or there could be a problem with the touchscreen itself.

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Re: Helix with USB Dock

Did you try using a usb2 extension (or hub) and move the wireless receivers further away from the dock? I've heard it works. It worked for me, but it didn't resolve everything.

I use my Helix in tablet plus mode on my desk. I use a small cap to prop the display up so it's not flat against the keyboard to give it more airflow. Also I keep the air vent flap open.

I have the USB Dock and didn't notice any phantom touches, though I didn't use it in laptop mode with the screen off. I use it in tablet plus mode with the dock. The Helix screen serves as a nice smaller screen in addition to my external.

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