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Helix with pen digitizer "dead" spot?

I have a Lenovo Helix model 36984su (Windows 8 Pro 64 bit).


I've noticed that when using the pen (specifically in Photoshop CS6 Extended - version 13.0 x64) there is a spot of pen input distortion in the upper right hand section of the screen (if you have the windows button on the bottom, that is) where the pen and the registered input drift apart- not quite right up in the corner, but very near it. The drift can be as extreme as 1/8", and I can see it happening by just drawing a brush stroke right across the screen and then seeing the registered input location and the physical location of the pen on the screen start drifting apart in that area, until they snap back together again right near the far right edge of the screen. Not a huge problem, since I dock most of my PS palettes in that area, and just make sure to click above where I think I should. But, when I have PS in full screen mode and have broad brush strokes that intersect this area, the stroke is distorted by the drift. I have recalibrated the pen input multiple times, even sometimes purposefully mis-registering the upper-right hit test to see if that corrects the drift, all to no avail.  This is roughly right over where I assume the processor sits on the motherboard (since that is the hottest part of the machine at any point) and I wonder if heat/RF noise in that area might be interfering?


I've been lucky enough to use Photoshop in a bunch of Win 8 tablets (from Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Samsung) and although I've come to expect some drift/distortion right near the edges of the screen, this one is very odd in the size of the distortion (about the size of a quarter) and it's location- away from, as opposed to right on, the edge of the screen.


Mostly I just wanted to jump in the forums to see if anyone else has encountered this problem. If not, then maybe I just have a bad apple.

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