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What's DOS?
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How do I draw?

I've got a brand new X61, running Vista, with Office 2007.  In XP, I would have been able to download an add-on that would let me draw on the Tablet, or hand annotatate slides in Powerpoint, etc.  I can't seem to figure out how to do this in Vista?  Is there a setting or something?  Thanks.

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Re: How do I draw?

you have to choose Review Tab: then "start Inking." to be able to ink on the slide.
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Re: How do I draw?

The "Review" button or tab is in Office2007 modules themselves, not Vista. If you have OneNote (I highly recommend at least a free trail of OneNote2007) the draw choice is made by clicking a button icon which has a tiny pen shape on it, found in the main toolbar at the top of the screen.


If you annotate documents often, also look at PDF Annotator, from Grahl Software (which works for pdf images of docs.) This can keep all your comments in a a separate layer and erasable.  Just went to v2. Offers more than I am describing here.


I hear great things about a program called ArtRage -- for tablets or anyone.


Look at what this company is doing with ink in Outlook:

and there's a company that made Excel accept ink entries!


...but OneNote2007 is the amazing ink-enabled fix-up-your-info-collecting/finding program.



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